eBook: Five Technology Trends Shaping Healthcare Today

Transforming the patient experience in a post-pandemic world

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped healthcare in unexpected ways, opening up opportunities for organizations to transform in ways that are affordable and non-disruptive. It’s also taught us that it’s best to be prepared, as anything could happen at any time.

Boomi’s Healthcare CTO, John Reeves, draws on his years of experience in the field to explore five strategic trends that every healthcare IT leader can leverage to meet the challenges of our constantly changing world. Download our ebook to learn the importance of:

  • Delivering a frictionless experience for patients, staff, and partners
  • Deciding on a multicloud strategy that impacts your bottom line
  • Transforming from an order-taker to a value-maker
  • Harnessing corporate insights for market advantage
  • Creating a value-based healthcare model

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