Who Will Emerge Stronger in the Post-Pandemic World?

2 minute read | 17 Nov 2021

By Boomi

One thing most CEOs can agree on is the importance of technology in finding a strong path forward, especially as the effects of the pandemic lessen.

In this PWC survey conducted earlier this year, 77% of chief executives worldwide said their top priority was to make their business more efficient, and 83% say they are increasing investments in digital transformation to do it.

They have clear direction. Now, they need speed. Because the companies that emerge on top after the pandemic will be the ones that have figured out how to quickly use both new and legacy technology in innovative ways — ways that have the power to transform.

At the crux of this digital transformation is data — data you likely have a vast amount of, yet which isn’t doing you any good. Why? Because most of it is unstructured. It comes in different sizes and forms, from different data sources. And that makes it hard for organizations to use it well.

Did you know that the pros estimate that poor data quality can cost a business 30% or more of their revenues?

Integration between all the critical enterprise management and customer systems is paramount to mining the value in all that rich data so you can provide a fully integrated experience for the people who matter — customers, partners, and employees.

What if you could …

  • Discover and convert high-volume data to high-value data?
  • Unify data assets across the enterprise?
  • Enable data-powered end-user experiences?

If you do all those things, you’ll be positioned to deliver truly integrated experiences — enabling you to engage your end users in new ways, through new channels that can accelerate your corporate and organizational objectives.

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