Pervasive Connectivity: Using Integration to Deliver Integrated Experiences

By Boomi

Data readiness is at the heart of Integrated Experiences — how organizations can use their data to engage with customers, partners, and employees in a way that instantly connects them to what they want.

That said, does anyone have the time to design a complex data fabric architecture to support this data connectivity? Time is not a luxury that most enterprises have.

Data architects and stewards need to understand their true business drivers and metrics, and embrace a minimum viable data fabric strategy, one that delivers on the needs of the business and is achievable quickly.

The key is speed — how fast you can discover data sources, and catalog and prepare the right set of data while updating a master data set.

Rather than developing a data toolset, business and IT leaders can accelerate time to value by understanding their true data requirements and letting readily available technology do the rest. The right technology platform will be able to extend the data fabric as requirements grow or change.

At Boomi, we’re focused on the idea of pervasive connectivity — a fabric of connectivity that unifies all your endpoints so you can move data in and out of any application, technology, or device to connect your entire digital ecosystem, across on-premises and multicloud environments, all the way to IoT and edge devices, with low latency and guaranteed scalability.

This connectivity spans your company, customers, and partners. It enables you to break down data silos to unlock productivity and have a holistic view of the user journey. With pervasive connectivity, you can leverage a 360-degree view of your customers and create a differentiated experience by anticipating and responding to their specific expectations.

In one example, Boomi worked with online comparison marketplace enabler Natural Intelligence to standardize data among more than 600 partner brands, each with their own data language.

By harmonizing data from every source, Natural Intelligence can now deliver data faster to their customers in hours instead of weeks, and the company has a more stable framework that can dependably run more than 2 million front-end transactions per day.

Natural Intelligence also benefits from the faster integration development time the low-code / no code Boomi Flow tool delivers. The team can quickly make any needed changes and has better visibility into daily performance analyses with the platform’s monitoring and dashboard tools.

But most important? The company is on target for its business goals of expanding its customer base and collaborating with a wider mix of partner entities.

Pervasive connectivity delivers the power behind a comprehensive view of your customers and creates a differentiated experience by responding to their specific expectations.

For more information about connectivity, download “The Integration Checklist for Cloud Migration”