MOD Pizza Automates Onboarding in Under Six Months, Improves Employee Engagement

5 minute read | 02 Apr 2021
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By Boomi

“A few of us had experience with other integration platforms such as MuleSoft, SnapLogic, and Software AG webMethods, but what differentiated Boomi was the speed of how quickly we could get applications integrated with simplicity and scalability. We knew it would positively impact our TCO.”

— Tara Gambill, Senior Director of Enterprise Systems, MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza, a pioneer of fast, casual, artisan-style pizza, is a 100-percent SaaS-based business that’s leveraging Boomi to integrate employee and store data to delight millions of customers across its more than 420 U.S. and UK locations. The company is achieving impressive results, including:

A complete transformation of employee onboarding, achieved in under six months

MOD Pizza’s IT team integrated Boomi with SAP S4/HANA, SAP SuccessFactors for employee data, store-management software Restaurant Magic, employee engagement platform Beekeeper, and Active Directory. In just six months, Tara Gambill, senior director of enterprise systems, and her lean IT team were able to transform the entire onboarding process into a comprehensive online experience. They did so by leveraging pre-built onboarding workflow templates.

100-percent automation in onboarding means that intake – gathering employee information, sending that data to various cloud-based business applications, and synchronizing it across applications – is consistent, accurate, and orchestrated across departments.

Saving 30 hours per week of administrative time

Before using Boomi, MOD Pizza needed multiple resources a week or more to get an employee onboarded and ensure their data was accurate and in the right systems. “Compared with our previous, more manual process, Boomi saves up to 30 hours per week in administration time. We have multiple teams and different systems, so whether they’re sourcing the data or whether they need access to data, it’s no longer manual, which frees up a lot of time. Being able to access data with increased accuracy and reliability allows us to scale and focus those folks on other strategic things,” says Gambill.

Improvements to workforce productivity that reduce TCO

According to Gambill, Boomi sat in the sweet spot in terms of helping MOD Pizza improve TCO because of its simplicity. Whether by supporting business processes so people can focus on the jobs they were hired for, or by reducing frustration with automated back-office processes, Boomi enables MOD Pizza to maintain small, tactical teams that are also highly productive.

Gambill explains: “Boomi is an enabler for MOD Pizza. Not only is it giving us this kind of secret weapon of sorts to be able to manage our data integration, but it’s also allowing me to keep my IT team lean. Right now I have just one developer that can manage it today. I can’t have a large team, nor do I want a large team. Boomi allows for that.”

To learn more about how Boomi helped MOD Pizza automate employee onboarding, save time, and increase employee productivity, read our case study.

Increased employee engagement

MOD Pizza’s “squad’, the term the company uses to describe its employees, can open stores on schedule, greet customers, and make great pizza, as Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform allows them to swiftly clock in and transact business. Also, Boomi’s automated onboarding process and integration with key employee platforms such as Beekeeper has improved employee engagement, allowing the squad to focus on delivering both great customer service and artisan pizza.

While Gambill and a few of her colleagues had prior experience with other integration platforms, such as MuleSoft, SnapLogic, and Software AG webMethods, they chose Boomi. Those five reasons, Gambill explains, were:

  • Speed: With Boomi, MOD Pizza can build any integration with exceptional speed, which was imperative because it needed a solution that could be implemented quickly.
  • Simplicity: Boomi’s technology is simple enough for MOD Pizza’s IT team to manage.
  • Scalability: Boomi’s flexible architecture meets the largest and smallest infrastructure demands of MOD Pizza’s ecosystem.
  • Cloud-native: This was table stakes for Gambill and team, as MOD Pizza is a 100% SaaS business.
  • Expertise: To the MOD team, Boomi’s 10,000+ customers and 95 percent customer satisfaction rating demonstrated its expertise. Boomi’s many successful integrations with SAP SuccessFactors were standouts, something MOD Pizza’s team knew they could leverage right out of the gate.

The accelerated growth of MOD Pizza stores, plus the increased number of employees, made it essential for the company’s IT to get people data into key systems as quickly as possible. That way, employees can be productive and understand the company. With Boomi, MOD Pizza has accomplished this. It’s also met several major business goals, including accelerating the flow of information to enhance the customer experience. That’s important, as speed is key to MOD Pizza’s customer-service strategy.

Boomi enabled MOD Pizza to solve three technology challenges:

  • IT had to manually infuse all employee data into disparate systems, as their existing data platform was not built to scale
  • Delay in the flow of information hurt the customer experience
  • Lack of a modern, cloud-native integration platform that could efficiently create and manage API connections for all people-data sources

Watch the short video below to hear how Boomi delivers speed, simplicity, and scalability to MOD Pizza.

To learn more about how Boomi helped MOD Pizza automate employee onboarding, save time, and increase productivity, read our case study.