International Justice Mission Streamlines Fundraising With Boomi

9 minute read | 12 Jun 2020

By Boomi

To reach victims of slavery and violence around the world, the International Justice Mission first has to engage with individual “Freedom Partner” donors who contribute the bulk of the nonprofit’s revenue.

To achieve that goal, International Justice Mission (IJM) has streamlined fundraising on its website with systems that include a Salesforce Sales Cloud customer relationship management (CRM) application and payment processing services from Braintree and Stripe.

IJM uses the Boomi Platform to connect those systems, improving the donor experience with self-service interactivity while giving IJM a vital 360-degree view across the 100,000 individuals who contribute about 72 percent of IJM’s revenue. (Grants from global aid organizations, corporations, government agencies, and philanthropic foundations make up the remainder.)

As outlined in our new IJM success story, this is a transformational achievement that’s building new donor intimacy for the Washington, D.C.-based human rights group, which since 1997 has helped rescue more than 49,000 women, children, and men from slavery and violence in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

“With Boomi we can confidently say that we have about 80 percent of the revenue infrastructure in place to scale beyond 100,000 donors per year, which will help us achieve our mission of ending slavery in this lifetime,” says Ginny Foran, CRM product owner at IJM.

New Insights into Revenue and Donors

The project got underway when IJM overhauled its website to enable individuals to sign up for a donation subscription without being routed to a third-party service that IJM had used in the past. The previous system didn’t allow IJM to accept payments directly from donors on its website, meaning the nonprofit didn’t have clear insight into revenue generation.

Previously, donors on IJM’s website clicked on a “giving” form that redirected them to a third-party vendor’s website at which they entered donor and credit card information. That data was owned by the third party, and had to be manually entered into IJM’s Salesforce system.

With 100,000 individuals donating online every year, IJM chose Boomi to integrate Salesforce with the Braintree and Stripe payment processing applications that donors access through the IJM website, giving the organization instant insight into revenue generation.

Now, donors can stay within a seamless IJM-branded website experience without visiting a third-party website. And IJM has a 360-degree view of its Freedom Partners’ donation history that it lacked in the past.

Learn more about how the nonprofit International Justice Mission has streamlined fundraising and the donor experience in our customer success story.

Improving the Donor Experience with an Automated Revenue Infrastructure

With Boomi, IJM built an automated revenue infrastructure that integrates all direct donations from its website into Salesforce in real time, making Salesforce a much more up-to-date and accurate system of record.

IJM now has full control of the donor data and experience, as Boomi automatically transfers data such as donor details and donation history from Braintree and Stripe into Salesforce. Boomi has helped IJM to:

  • Eliminate data silos and missing transactions in Salesforce
  • Automate error handling between systems
  • Accelerate payment processing
  • Enable donors to interact with IJM around their subscriptions

A Wealth of Positive Business Outcomes

The world’s largest anti-slavery nongovernmental organization (NGO), IJM has realized benefits including rapid integration development, a more effective fundraising strategy, alignment with global offices, self-service donor interactivity, and heightened productivity.

Fast, seamless development and improved data accuracy

Boomi’s low-code development environment was a big advantage because it let IJM developers quickly replace the third-party backend with Boomi, integrate Salesforce, Braintree, and Stripe, and develop the donation forms that are now embedded on its website.

Donors now have a seamless process whereby they donate by signing up and entering payment details directly on the IJM website. On the back-end, payment data and profile information is processed by Braintree or Stripe, and Boomi automatically sends the data into Salesforce in real time. This eliminates data silos and accelerates payment processing.

At any time, IJM staff can access donor records in Salesforce, and, at month’s end, ensure that all transactions are in Salesforce. This has made IJM’s Salesforce implementation more valuable, and the automation of manual data management has improved data accuracy.

Effective, expanded fundraising strategy

Before Boomi, IJM’s fundraising strategy had come to a screeching halt because its previous third-party backend solution didn’t allow it to add more payment gateways, such as a peer-to-peer giving (also known as crowdfunding) system.

After deploying Boomi and gaining the 360-degree view of all donors, IJM ‘s small IT team was able to integrate a peer-to-peer giving platform in just 10 weeks. “A 10-week time frame is unheard of and something we never could have even imagined doing prior to Boomi,” Foran says.

Alignment across 25 global offices

With Boomi facilitating IJM’s fundraising, the nonprofit can give its 25 overseas advancement offices accurate information. For example, Boomi integrates IJM’s Salesforce instance at headquarters with CRMs at its global — whether the local office uses Salesforce or a completely different CRM.

“Local offices don’t have to manage data integration or pay a third-party vendor to do it,” Foran says. “We can align overseas office processes to our canonical data model, which is critical for us to manage multiple payment processors on the front end and map them to a singular CRM or alike CRMs on the other side.”

24/7 self-service donor interactivity

IJM’s fully branded online donation experience gives donors self-service access to manage and update their subscriptions 24/7. For example, donors can interact with IJM staff about their subscriptions any time and get an accurate picture of their donation history.

“If a donor calls IJM within a few minutes of having given online, IJM staff can now see that information in the system and have a direct conversation about it with the donor, which has helped us reduce donor churn,” Foran says.

Donors are communicating how much happier they are with the experience, which is improving subscriber retention. “We’re retaining more subscribers because of the ability we’ve given them to update their own profile and interact with us online,” notes Foran.

Improved workforce productivity

IJM staff now have visibility into donor data as it moves through the integrated system, which can handle any errors encountered along the way via IJM’s “compare process.” If IJM staffers are concerned there may be missing transactions, they give Boomi some parameters and it reconciles all transactions by identifying any missing information and automatically transferring it to Salesforce.

The workflow automation has eliminated what used to be up to 10 hours per month per staff member to manually reconcile transactions. “Our workforce is empowered with 24/7 self-service access to donor data they can rely on,” Foran says.

Watch our short video to hear more from Foran about how Boomi has helped IJM:

Why Boomi?

IJM needed fast, agile integration amid growing complexity across its data and application environment. It chose the Boomi Platform for these reasons:

  • A proven Salesforce partner: Boomi’s long-time partnership with Salesforce and proven track record of successful Salesforce integrations gave IJM the assurance that their integration would work, and work well.
  • Cloud-native: Built from the ground up to be cloud-native, Boomi provides elasticity and scalability while eliminating the need for IJM to purchase, implement, manage, and maintain hardware for hosting software.
  • Low-code development: Boomi’s intuitive, low-code interface meant that IJM wouldn’t need integration developers with special skills. “One reason we chose Boomi is that it has products that don’t require a developer. We don’t have a huge IT shop, so having a platform that several people, internally — an analyst or an admin — could actually manage and use was a really big selling point,” Foran says.
  • Reusability: Boomi enables IJM to reuse business flows on many processes so that its IT team can leverage institutional knowledge within the system against other endpoints that it integrates, like the Workday enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  • Master data management: Selecting Boomi integration provides IJM with a foundation for master data management, so as the company integrates other applications to be systems of record in the future, it will be able to have “golden records.”

With the Boomi Platform in place, IJM has a cloud-native technology foundation to enable its overseas advancement offices doing fundraising to have the same donation experience and revenue infrastructure as its headquarters operations.

Additionally, Boomi will help IJM expand on its cloud strategy, specifically integrating Workday with Salesforce and Microsoft Active Directory.

Read our IJM customer success story to learn more about how the nonprofit is using Boomi to streamline fundraising and the donor experience.