How Fast Is Fast?

By Boomi

SaaS providers need to move fast to keep up with competitive pressures, evolving business models, and changing customer and consumer demands. You can’t afford to have your SaaS time to value lag behind your competitors.

But is building costly and time-consuming integrations between vital applications holding you back from achieving these results quickly?

For Faster Time To Value, Don’t Build Your Own Connectors

Improving time to value means focusing on connecting data to the applications that can accelerate new opportunities and deliver new products and services. Companies that do this experience increased revenue, reduced costs, and enhanced customer and partner satisfaction.

One way to achieve these results is through application integration. But organizations can’t afford a six- or nine-month integration ordeal in today’s fast-paced digital world. That’s time wasted, money left on the table, and competitive advantage lost. The faster an integration is up and running, the faster the business can reap the rewards.

Best-in-class time to value means building integrations two to five times ­— even 10 times — faster than with custom coding or legacy on-premises middleware.

The proven way to speed up the integration process, and therefore achieve faster time to value, is leveraging an integration platform as a service (iPaaS).  An iPaaS provides an array of prebuilt connectors ready to go quickly and requires no coding expertise.

Accelerate SaaS Time To Value With iPaaS

British telecommunications company Sky needed to improve its customer service. It had previously been relying on an outdated model of having its customers call tech support whenever they had an issue. Unfortunately for Sky’s 24 million customers, that was an inefficient and unsatisfactory method of getting the help they needed.

To address this, Sky decided to create its own self-service application to allow customers to troubleshoot their problems. This application required data from over 100 sources, including customer equipment, diagnostic applications, and back-end business systems.

Rather than invest time, effort, and money into developing proprietary connectors for each of those systems, Sky opted to integrate its numerous data sources with an iPaaS solution, ultimately deciding to partner with Boomi.

The result was Sky’s own SaaS offering, called Future Assurance View (FAV). In the first year,

FAV saved £6 million, reduced customer repair times by 75%, reduced support service costs by 40%, and improved NPS score by 20% — all while servicing 55,000 customer engagements every day.

Boomi Enables Faster SaaS Time To Value

By taking advantage of prebuilt connectors, SaaS providers can quickly integrate their offerings with the data sources that create value for their customers. Sky is just one of approximately 20,000 organizations around the globe using the Boomi platform to help reduce the time to value of its digital transformation efforts.

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