Everything You Want to Know About the May 2024 Boomi Integration and Automation Platform Release

7 minute read | 06 May 2024

This article recaps the Boomi Platform May 2024 release and highlights recently delivered product features. For a full list of what is included in the release, please refer to the detailed release notes.

Task Automation

Introducing Task Automation: Your No-Code Solution to Streamline Daily Tasks! Available in Beta Now! Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to efficiency. Try it out today through the Services menu or our platform’s homepage. Enjoy a complimentary evaluation period!

API Management

We are thrilled to announce a major API Gateway upgrade to provide the foundation for additional enhancements in upcoming releases. This upgraded gateway delivers better performance, security, and scalability.
In addition, we are enabling customers to secure and manage runtime traffic to their APIs by enhancing the API Policy Manager with the following security and traffic management policies:

  • JSON Threat Protection – Validate a JSON request body by specifying limits for various JSON structures.
  • XML Validation – Validate XML using an XSD schema.
  • Regex Threat Protection – Extract information from a request (headers, path, query parameters, body payload) and evaluate that content against pre-defined regular expressions.
  • Dynamic Routing Policy – Dispatch inbound calls to different targets and endpoints or rewrite URIs.
  • XML Threat Protection – Validate an XML request body by applying limits on XML structures such as elements, entities, attributes, and string values.
  • Assign Attributes – Set variables such as request attributes and other execution context attributes.
  • Assign Content – Change or transform the content of the request body or response body.
  • HTTP Callout – Invoke an HTTP(S) URL and place a subset or all of the content in one or more variables of the request execution context.

Please see this Community article for more prerequisites and expectations for this enhanced gateway upgrade, which is now available early in the release.

Boomi AI

In this release, we’ve added two updates to the process documentation within GPT:

  1. A visual diagram featuring a flowchart that represents the process.
  2. Additional information on connector shapes, including the object name and operation type.


The following functionality is now available in the May release:

  1. For our early access users participating in the branch/merge program, we have added options to deployments and package components to create hotfix branches via the UI. If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for early access via the community.
  2. The recently refreshed build canvas experience has been updated to be enabled by default for all users. For information on how to opt-out and stay up to date on everything related to this change, please refer to this community article.

Integration Runtime

We’ve introduced an improved, simplified means for runtime owners to optimize the shared file system usage for molecule and cloud-clustered runtimes. With a single setting, you can now configure the runtime to use local cluster node storage for all applicable assets, including temporary files, connector, core, and custom JAR libraries. This improvement also includes automatically copying the Java runtime to the local cluster node to reduce latency and improve resiliency, especially in Windows environments.

For more details, see Molecule and Atom Cloud working data storage.


The following connectors have been updated as part of the May release:

  1. The Google BigQuery connector now supports location ID as an extensible property in the upsert operation.
  2. Oracle EBS V2 connector has been enhanced to resolve issues with processes failing when connection pooling and the maintain session flag are selected, while also improving error message handling in PL/SQL_Execute operations.
  3. Azure Service Bus connector now supports dynamic queues and topics for Listen, Send, and Receive operations.
  4. The brand new LaminarHub Partner Connector enables users to integrate with LaminarHub AI, a one-stop AI-driven solution that transforms integration transaction data into actionable insights.

Event Streams

Boomi has enhanced the Environment Settings page for a more seamless experience when managing your environment tokens. The enhancement includes:

  • A new alert banner on the Environment Tile and the Environment Overview page will inform you when your token(s) expire.
  • A table that shows you the tokens you have for a particular region.
  • A ‘Create a Token’ button to create new tokens.


This month, we’re diving deep into our Environments feature to enhance the operational experience. Explore the new ‘Flow’ tab within each environment, where you can effortlessly run deployed Flows. But wait, there’s more!
Soon, you’ll have the power to add custom environments, ensuring seamless releases beyond development, test, and production environments.

Roadmap webinars

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This is your chance to get answers from Ed Macosky, Chief Product & Technology Officer, and the Product Management team as they talk about recent enhancements and the future of the product.

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