Everything You Want to Know About the February 2024 Boomi Integration and Automation Platform Release

8 minute read | 08 Feb 2024

This article recaps the Boomi Platform February 2024 release and highlights recently delivered product features. For a full list of what’s included in the release, see the detailed release notes.

Let’s take a look at the highlights in this release.


We are excited to announce the general availability of our new component diff APIs. This new API allows for users to easily understand what has been changed, added, or removed between component revisions. The component diff APIs are essential for those customers requiring greater insights for auditing and change management purposes. You can read more about these APIs here.

In this release, we’ve also introduced an exciting refresh of the integration build canvas. Building on the existing experience, we’ve tidied up a few things to improve ease of use. You can opt-into the new experience via your user preferences. As always we’d love your feedback.

Also available in February is the start of our early access program for our new parallel development capabilities. These new APIs provide branching and merging APIs that facilitate team development through advanced versioning controls. New signups will be closing soon, so sign up today if interested in participating in the program.


We have tackled a number of defects and enhancements across multiple connectors in this release. These updates represent our continuous efforts to refine and optimize our connectors for your benefit.

  • Boomi aXis for SAP connector has been enhanced to support profile objects for ABAP_PROXY_SEND function
  • Some critical defects and enhancements have been addressed in Database v2, Google Big query, Http Client, Shopify & IFS REST – Partner connectors.
  • The Snowflake connector has fixes for defects related to JDBC driver class loading issue, Bulk load operation support for CSV file format and enhanced handling of error scenarios in SnowSQL operation

Note: The updated version of the Snowflake connector will utilize the timezone of the Atom runtime for all database operations. If you were locked in an older version of the connector prior to this release, and wish to retain your current time-zone setting, please update your connection properties and opt for the “Auto” configuration.
The community article link provides detailed information on steps to update your processes.


Exciting News! Boomi Flow is even more user friendly with our latest updates. Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Process Map Element: Say hello to our brand-new Process Map Element! We’ve made establishing connections with your integration processes a breeze. Simply drag and drop the process map shape onto the canvas and watch your integration possibilities unfold. Empower yourself to unlock the full potential of your processes within Integration.
  • Auto Mapping: When using our new process map element, we’ve streamlined the mapping process with the Auto Mapping feature. When mapping to an existing type and the return document is a list or an object, Flow intelligently assists you by defining a compatible score. Save time and reduce errors with this handy addition.
  • Import Profile: If you’ve linked your tenant to an integration account, this feature will be a game-changer for you. Introducing the Import Profile functionality on the Types page. This feature enables you to select a JSON profile from an integration account and create corresponding Types in Flow effortlessly.
  • New QR Code Generator: Drag and drop the Code Generator component in the page builder to instantly generate a QR code based on its State Value. It’s as simple as that!

Here’s what’s coming soon:

  • Debugger Panel: Enhance your debugging experience with our new panel displaying call stacks, state values, assertions, and root faults. Interact seamlessly with the Flow in the runtime tab to view call stack items in the debugger panel in your designtime tab.

Thank you for choosing Flow. Your feedback and support continue to inspire us to create innovative features for your business needs. Explore your experience with these new features today!

API Management

We are excited to announce enhancements to the API Provider Experience that will accelerate your API lifecycle. This includes:

  • API Proxy in API Lifecycle Manager: The API Lifecycle Manager now supports the deployment, testing, and promotion of API Proxy services, making it equally easy to manage APIs created outside of Boomi as it is to manage APIs backed by Boomi processes.

Platform Apps


Discover solutions has an exciting revamped and enhanced interface for our catalog! This is your one-stop shop for templates and services built and served by Boomi and our partners to get you to your integration goals faster. This UI Uplift is the first of many enhancements you will see for Discover this year. Stay tuned for the updates, and go check out our new look today at Discover.boomi.com.

Boomi Labs

We’ve also made some updates to Boomi Labs—our portal for sharing and publishing Boomi assets

  • Added Publisher Settings to the Boomi Labs UI. Used for sharing and publishing assets on Boomi.
  • Connector Developer added as a menu option on the Boomi Labs dropdown in the masthead for faster and easier access when building and managing custom connectors.


We have updated features on the newly launched Bundles product! The “Create a New Bundle” page is enhanced with a Viewed tab, and you can now access a previously viewed Bundle on the new tab so you don’t lose track of public Bundles you may want to revisit.

We have also added an account feature to manage Bundle usage across your accounts better. You can now disable Bundles from the Platform using the disableBundleUI account feature. If the account feature is enabled, the account will not have access to navigate to the Bundles UI, and the option will not show in the Boomi Labs dropdown on the masthead.

For Boomi AI, we have improved the GPT response times by up to 200% depending on the type and complexity of the prompt, we will continue to optimize response times. We also introduced a feedback option for every GPT response, the users can now provide a thumbs up/down and additional text feedback on the response which we will use in improving the LLMs. Last but not the least, if a session expires, users can start a new conversation to refresh the session.

Platform Services

An additional layer of security has been added to our Key Management Service(KMS), where users can choose to enable “Wrapped Encryption Key”. In doing so, the data key used to encrypt/decrypt secrets will be stored wrapped in a transit key.

Roadmap webinars

Do you want to know what Boomi is shipping next? Sign up for the product roadmap webinars!

This is your chance to get answers from Ed Macosky, Chief Product & Technology Officer, and the product management team as they talk about recent enhancements and the future of the product.

Register here, please: https://boomi.com/event/online/product-roadmap-webinar-series/

Previous roadmap: Article: Everything You Want to Know About the Boomi Product Roadmap – Q1, 2024 – Boomi Community

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