Supporting the Veteran Community: A Conversation With Veteran Tyeshia Pegram Fornville

2 minute read | 18 Nov 2022

By Boomi

Tyeshia Pegram Fornville comes from a military family. Today, she is a U.S. Army reservist with an active duty husband, raising a family and working for Boomi as a technical project manager.

In the short video below, Rob Evans, Boomi’s vice president of sales for North America, talks with Pegram Fornville about her experiences, her recent appearance on Military Makeover: Operation Career with Montel Williams, and Veterans Day.


Rob Evans: Recently, we were both part of a Military Makeover production. Can you talk a little bit about that? What was that like?

Tyeshia Pegram Fornville: Going and doing the Military Makeover was really the biggest highlight of this whole transition for me, getting on camera and sharing my journey and letting people know this is real, there are companies out here that love and will support the veterans community. Listen, there’s life after the military.

Rob Evans: Tyeshia, you’re raising three children, you’ve transitioned to the civilian world, you’re still in the Army Reserves. How do you do it? How do you balance all that?

Tyeshia Pegram Fornville: Well, I always try to make time for myself, to get myself right and my mind right so I’m able to lead this family. My husband is active duty.

Rob Evans: Can you talk a little bit about what Veterans Day means to you?

Tyeshia Pegram Fornville: I’ve got cousins that are in the Navy, so when we get together, especially on Veterans Day, we use that moment to just go down memory lane and work through any struggles and talk about things. My dad and my stepmom served 23 years before they retired. And so for me to be able to walk in their shoes and share that special journey in that moment, it really means a lot.

Visit the Boomi Veteran Academy site to learn more about opportunities for veterans to transition to careers in information technology.