Celebrating 25 Years of NetSuite

5 minute read | 26 Sep 2023

By Boomi

This year, NetSuite is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Boomi is proud to have played a key part in the company’s evolution and integration story, helping organizations that use NetSuite along with other best-in-class apps get more value from all their data.

15 Years of Partnership, Still Going Strong

In addition to NetSuite’s 25-year celebration, we’re also celebrating another milestone: Boomi and NetSuite have been strategic partners since 2008. That means we’ve been supporting NetSuite in its mission “to build one system that gives leaders a complete view into their business” for 15 full years! The Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS), in conjunction with NetSuite, delivers a complete, accurate, actionable view of the business across multiple systems.

Boomi helps companies that are working with disparate systems easily connect them together and ensure a single source of truth for data throughout the organization. Equally importantly for NetSuite customers, we give businesses the ability to choose from more than 200 pre-built connectors that help speed time-to-market (and time-to-value) across a wide range of industries and use cases. Today we have close to 3,000 joint customers, and we haven’t seen any sign of that growth slowing down.

Supply Chain Automation With NetSuite and Boomi

“What we were really looking for was a scalable, sustainable, long-term system that could efficiently support continued growth. Boomi and NetSuite provide that.” — Chris Pierce, CFO, RHD Tire

One example of how Boomi and NetSuite work well together is RHD Tire. Founded in 1976, RHD Tire is a retail and wholesale tire distributor that today has distribution centers in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. When RHD first began its growth plans, it was using a variety of location-specific customizations of its proprietary DOS-based point-of-sale software. This setup wasn’t scalable, and wasn’t able to support the company’s expansion.

Enter Boomi and NetSuite. RHD upgraded to NetSuite through the Boomi platform, which automated all the business processes between RHD and the tier-one tire brands it carries. The near-immediate impact on supply chain processes included:

  • 10% consolidation in delivery routes
  • $325K lower vehicle and labor costs
  • Centralized purchasing and inventory management
  • Increased efficiency in stock-picking
  • Reduction in lost inventory

Streamlining Trading Partner Logistics With NetSuite and Boomi

“Boomi and NetSuite can talk back and forth through an established connection, and Boomi knows all about NetSuite schemas. I can just tap into the systems and utilize the capabilities. I don’t have to worry about stopping and fixing something, and that’s really key to us.” — Gary Cifatte, CTO, Green Rabbit

Green Rabbit is another Boomi and NetSuite customer that has seen measurable results from its implementation. Formed in 2018 as a parent company to candy distributor Candy.com, Green Rabbit supplies perishables such as dairy, produce, bakery, and chocolates from 150 manufacturers to consumer and business customers, including 25 top U.S. retailers.

Over a decade ago, Candy.com upgraded from entry-level systems to NetSuite to manage financials, orders, and inventory. But it still faced EDI challenges, needing to manually process trading partner transactions. Boomi’s strength in integration also extends to EDI, and the reliability, speed, and scalability of our B2B/EDI Management capability has been critical to Green Rabbit’s operational growth.

With help from Boomi and NetSuite, Green Rabbit:

  • Grew revenue by 50% to 70% a year
  • Eliminated 250 hours a month in manual order processing of trading-partner transactions
  • Cut 160 hours a month of manual reconciliation of supplier Excel invoices
  • Reduced order-creation time from 45 seconds to under two seconds

An Integration Platform That Scales With You

As a proven, trusted NetSuite partner, Boomi combines domain expertise with industry best practices to help maximize business value. The Boomi platform brings together NetSuite and hundreds of other leading apps, helping businesses scale to meet business growth and optimize operations. No more hard-coded, point-to-point integrations that break easily. No more hidden costs. No more worries about outgrowing your integration platform — Boomi’s got your back.

Connecting NetSuite with ecommerce, point-of-sale, and back-office applications ensures alignment of customers, products, and people across all departments. With the Boomi platform in place, there’s no need for “swivel-chair” double-entry of data, reducing ship times and minimizing item returns. Plus, additional capabilities within the platform allow you to rapidly create compelling and personalized mobile, web, and in-store experiences to delight your customers and keep their loyalty.

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