Become a Power Integrator With the Boomi Developer Role-Based Path

2 minute read | 17 Jul 2023

By Lauren Choi

Boomi’s Global User Development Team (GUD) is excited to announce the launch of the Developer Role-Based Path (RBP). This role is designed to accelerate user enablement on the Boomi platform and is one of four Boomi roles in the RBP initiative along with Project Manager, Architect, and Support & Maintenance.

Boomi role-based paths pick up where training leaves off, by providing users with tangible tools — playbooks, checklists, tips and tricks, resources, etc. — to enhance user expertise and confidence, effectively elevating users from self-help to self-optimization.

The Developer RBP provides integration developers with both a playbook and helpful topic-based content:

  • Developer Playbook. A guided path to build integration from discovery to maintenance. Contains guidelines, tips and tricks, relevant knowledge articles, and downloadable tools and templates.
  • Developer Techniques. Technique topics that provide insight into the “thought process” of an experienced Boomi developer. Contains important considerations on topics like Mapping, Integration Management, and Error Handling along with tips and tricks for skillful implementation. Also includes embedded links to applicable User Guide content and Knowledge Articles.

Whether you are a new developer trying to figure out where to start, an experienced developer looking for tips and tricks, or an integration architect establishing guidelines for Boomi developers, the Developer RBP is the place to go!

Access the RBP content to get started today:

Visit our User Groups page and sign-up for the Role-Based Path user events!