5 Ways Boomi Helps Private Equity Firms Manage Business Better

By Boomi

A key challenge in today’s private equity world is access to real-time data about portfolio company performance. In this blog, we’ll explore some of those challenges and describe five ways the Boomi AtomSphere Platform can help.

The primary challenges to obtaining access to real-time data include:

  • Closed systems of record such as those for finance, manufacturing, logistics, and human resources
  • Long delays in capturing important data
  • Proprietary (or non-existent) data exchange methodologies

How Boomi Can Help

The Boomi platform can deliver value in the private equity sector in a number of ways. Here are just a few:

1. Take integrating portfolio company systems to a new level

With Boomi, private equity firms get more than just integration. The Boomi platform also catalogs, normalizes, and aggregates data to make it available for analysis and reporting. The benefits of integration and access to real-time data include:

  • The ability to identify trends and disclose risks before they become unavoidable
  • A head start in pinpointing growth opportunities
  • Global views of KPIs and other metrics to facilitate decision making
  • Streamlined and timely partnership reporting

2. Standardize integration, data management, and cloud strategies

Using Boomi to standardize assures best of breed performance. The more your portfolio companies use best of breed applications and platforms, the more confident you can be in the quality and accuracy of your data and metrics.

3. Streamline and optimize processes

When investor onboarding and creation of limited partnerships and other legal entities are handled manually, the processes are complex, time-consuming processes that require almost constant rework. Likewise, marketing, documentation, legal review, funding, and ongoing reporting are also often manual and therefore prone to errors. Boomi’s workflow and master data management capabilities can streamline, simplify, and measurably improve processes, reducing operational risk and speeding time to market.

4. Automate and expedite end-to-end deal flow

From the initial identification of a sector or target companies to a liquidity event, Boomi helps:

  • Automate deal management and workflows
  • Simplify and expedite the integration of one portfolio company into another
  • Streamline the process of dispositions, sales, or IPOs

5. Get fast and accurate reporting

Private equity firms have many constituencies to whom they report. These include investors, owners, employees, regulatory bodies, and other government entities. All expect timely, accurate, and comprehensive reporting. Boomi facilitates the collection, aggregation, standardization, and exposure of data, which allows timely, consistent, accurate, and flexible reporting.

To learn more about how the Boomi platform can help private equity companies better manage their businesses and those of their portfolio companies, read our Private Equity executive brief.