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Boomi is the unquestioned leader in connecting NetSuite to applications, data, people and devices. With thousands of joint customers, we have developed leading best practices and thorough domain knowledge, providing you with solutions that enable faster time-to-value, increased business efficiency and greater flexibility to handle ongoing change. Boomi makes it easy with pre-built solutions and connectors to over 200 applications and data sources, enabling you to grow with NetSuite as your business grows.

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Boomi’s Integration Accelerators align with NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess, a methodology based on industry-specific best practices to speed time to value for new customers.

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Prebuilt solutions and connectors that integrate NetSuite with 200+ cloud and on-premise applications.

Finance and BI • Retail • eCommerce IoT Mobile Field Operations • WMS • EDI • Legacy On-Premise • Database Marketplaces HR/Payroll • Project Management• Collaboration CRM

Finance and BI

To make informed business decisions you need the right data, at the right time, in the hands of the right people. Yet today, decisions are often based on data from a weekly Excel import.  With Boomi you can seamlessly integrate data from multiple applications and systems, including NetSuite, to get an accurate real-time view of your business.

Additionally, Boomi API Management allows you to create secure APIs to share business data with external third parties while controlling their access.



Connecting NetSuite with your eCommerce, POS and back-office applications ensures alignment of all your customers, products and people across all departments.  Boomi helps you avoid costly double-entry of data, reducing ship times and minimizing item returns.

Boomi Master Data Hub and Boomi Flow can help you differentiate your brand even further. Our unified platform allows you to rapidly create both compelling and personalized mobile, web and in-store experiences that exceed customer expectations.


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IoT/Mobile Field Operations

From diagnosis and repair right down to the bottom line, IoT is streamlining and optimizing field service work on every level. Integrating data from your IoT devices into NetSuite with Boomi can help you improve field operations.

Can’t  find the right field service application? With Boomi Flow you can create the perfect app to suit your unique business needs.

housecall pro


service fusion



Controlling inventory, fulfillment and shipping costs is essential for successful warehouse operations — which requires holistic visibility into your data. Connecting your WMS to NetSuite with Boomi can help streamline warehouse operations, improving operational excellence while lowering warehouse costs.

Need to onboard new or manage existing trading partners? Boomi B2B Management allows you to manage legacy EDI from our centralized platform — and having a low-code tool can significantly reduce bottlenecks to growth.



Legacy On-Premise/Database  

Moving to the cloud with NetSuite and have business critical, on-premise applications you can’t leave behind? With Boomi you can seamlessly integrate data into NetSuite from any number and combination of on-premise and cloud-based applications in real time, with minimal effort.

oracle database


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Consumers are much more likely to download an app that features product ranges broader than one store can offer. That’s one of the major appeals of a marketplace.  Boomi can extend your reach to online customers by integrating NetSuite with popular online marketplaces, so customers can easily browse, evaluate and purchase items from your business via any channel.




Disconnected onboarding processes are expensive for your organization. Mismanaged new hire onboarding delays productivity and can hurt employee engagement, while significantly limiting revenue growth.  Integrating data from your HR and payroll systems with NetSuite empowers your managers and HR professionals.  Boomi can accelerate productivity with flawless provisioning of payroll, benefits, direct deposit, email and applications.

When it’s time to retire your patchwork processes that are half automated or mostly manual, Boomi Flow allows you to automate pre-hire recruitment tasks for all hires or create role-specific automated provisioning of applications and equipment.



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Project Management/Collaboration

Businesses often employ different project management and collaboration tools for different business units, creating information silos. Boomi can integrate data from all your project management and collaboration tools with NetSuite, increasing communication and improving productivity across your business.







Disconnected systems create manual business processes, which often result in duplicate or incorrect information. Connecting your CRM to NetSuite with Boomi allows you to centrally manage customers, opportunities, leads and contacts — which results in improved customer experiences and ultimately drives business growth.



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Our cloud-native and unified platform delivers a Connected Business, enabling organizations to connect NetSuite to everything.  With Boomi your employees, trading partners, and customers can engage everywhere across any channel, device, or platform. 

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