Get the Integration Edition That Helps You
Become a Connected Business

Base Edition

Starter solution for SMB’s to integrate two applications.

Professional Edition

For businesses looking to fully integrate their back- and front-offices.

Pro Plus Edition

Additional functionality to support real-time integration needs.

Enterprise Edition

Advanced features to support complex enterprise needs.

Enterprise Plus Edition

Advanced features and connectivity to support large enterprise needs.

Dell Boomi Integration Pricing

icon_check= Included in monthly fee       $ = available at additional cost

Features/Edition   Base Professional Pro Plus Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Standard Features


Multiple Environments (Prod/Test)


Advanced Workflow


Services Enablement


n/a $
Atom Worker / Test Atom Worker


n/a $ 1/1 2/2 2/2
Parallel Processing


n/a $ $
Advanced Security


n/a $ $
Message Queuing


n/a $ $ $
Standard Connectors (Prod/Test)


2/NA 5/5 7/7 10/20 15/30
Enterprise Connectors


n/a $ $ 1/2 2/4
Boomi Atom Cloud Attachments (Prod/Test)   n/a n/a 1/1 2/2 2/2
Standard Support


Premier Support


n/a $ $ $ $
Premier Plus Support


n/a n/a n/a $ $


Boomi’s Standard Features
Across All Integration Editions

Connect to On-Premises and Cloud Apps / Data Sources

Visual Designer

Comprehensive Data Transformation

Basic Workflow

Access to entire connector network

Unlimited Users

Boomi Suggest

Boomi Assure

Boomi Resolve

Free Upgrades