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Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Pull data from any source – cloud or on-premises – into
Salesforce Einstein Analytics to accelerate outcomes

Data-driven decisions accelerate business outcomes – and that’s what Dell Boomi is all about.

When it comes to pulling data and ensuring quality across all sources, no other platform does it better than Dell Boomi:

Integrate provides Salesforce Einstein Analytics customers a full complement of the data they need by accelerating the connection of any combination of data sources – whether they are cloud-based or on-premises, pulled in batches or in real-time – from anywhere, and at any time.

Hub is next-generation master data management designed to combine MDM with data quality and data integration in a single cloud platform. Together, Integrate and Hub bring high-quality business-critical data into the Salesforce Einstein Analytics platform when it’s needed – on a regular schedule or in real-time.

Plus, our scalable, cloud-native platform can help you accelerate other business outcomes too:

Mediate allows you to design, secure, and scale APIs to support API lifecycles in a hybrid IT environment. Benefits include the ability to control and govern data access, and the ability to centrally manage all APIs.

Flow enables the development of customer journey in a low-code environment, allowing you to automate end-to-end business processes.

Why Dell Boomi for Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

Our platform is uniquely-suited to accelerate business outcomes

  • Connect anything to anything, in any combination
  • Cloud-native, low-to-no code platform
  • Scales to meet your needs
  • Crowd-sourced best practices such as Boomi Suggest are built into the platform
  • Data quality assurance

Trusted by Salesforce, customers & analysts

  • Dell Boomi has been a Salesforce partner since 2008, and serves almost 2,000 Salesforce customers globally (as of Spring 2019)
  • Gartner has consistently ranked Dell Boomi as a leader in its iPaaS Magic Quadrant
  • See how Ovum compares Dell Boomi to other iPaaS vendors

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