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Enable end-to-end construction project management, financials, cost tracking, and completion dates by extending engagement with business stakeholders.Share blueprints, unstructured data, and timelines across multiple applications and devices. Boomi can help enable the mobile workforce and increase operational efficiency for practitioners, while automating workflows and hardening security.


Connecting your eCommerce, POS, and back office applications ensures alignment of all your customers, products, suppliers, vendors, and people across all departments. Boomi helps you deliver real-time inventory data and avoid costly double-entry of data, reducing ship times and minimizing item returns.   Boomi Master Data Hub and Boomi Flow can help you differentiate your brand even further. Our unified platform allows you to rapidly create both compelling and personalized mobile, web, and in-store experiences that exceed customer expectations.


Integrate your Student Information System with Finance, Financial Aid, LMS systems and Alumni organizations to provide key insights, allowing you to drive retention and stickiness to your platform. Intuitive drag-and-drop technology eliminates the burdens of heavy developer skills so you can achieve true data management through application integration. Ensure data accuracy, quicker response times and reduce time intensive data entry with Boomi.

Finance & Accounting

Integrate Finance & Accounting applications, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking platforms, financial closing software, and payments. Create a better customer experience when you streamline processes to easily send, receive, and request payments as well as import billing data from ERP and other applications.


Connect any device in any location and integrate any third party data source to your platform including FHIR/HL7. Accelerate the connection of internal and partner systems for a patient-centric view that improves medical outcomes, drives down costs, and maintains privacy rules and compliance.

Human Capital Management

Integrating the siloed HCM ecosystem is a challenge for all employers. Not all tools fit within a single HCM application. Integrating payroll, approval processes, recruiting, time card, and benefits can all sit within multiple systems. Now you can accelerate productivity with flawless provisioning of these multiple data sources and applications, driving greater insights, efficiencies, and unified processes and procedures, saving time and management requirements.

Supply Chain/Manufacturing

Controlling inventory, fulfillment, and shipping costs is essential for successful warehouse operations — which requires holistic visibility into your data. Connecting your warehouse management system with Boomi can help streamline warehouse operations, improving operational excellence while lowering warehouse costs.   Need to onboard new or manage existing trading partners? Boomi B2B Management allows you to manage legacy EDI from our centralized platform — and having a low-code tool can significantly reduce bottlenecks to growth and modernization.   Additionally, Boomi’s Atom runtime combined with Dell Technologies Edge solutions can deliver shop floor data into your ERP regardless of cloud or on-prem deployment.

"You don’t want to waste precious engineering hours building and maintaining connectors to myriad sources, mastering integration protocols, and learning the nuances of security and access controls."
- Doug Henschen, Constellation Research
A Silicon Valley Research and Advisory Firm
“Our close partnership with Boomi allows us to collaborate with Boomi product and engineering teams and bring value-added solutions to our joint customers.”
- Rohit Jalisatgi, Senior Director Business Acceleration, Coupa
Embedded Partner
“Boomi was able to bring us integration that goes beyond the simple integration. Boomi stood out as the best option for expediting the way our customers connect our software with other applications.”
- Carlos Garcia, Senior Director for Interoperability Strategy and Solutions, QAD
Embedded Partner
“At SAP we talk about the power of many so we go to market with a strong partner advantage. Boomi is one of those partners. We are going to continue to have a lot of joint customers together. It’s not just about that journey within HR. It’s about the journey across the whole digital life cycle.”
- Dave Ragones, Group Vice President, SAP SuccessFactors
Embedded Partner

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