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  • "You don’t want to waste precious engineering hours building and maintaining connectors to myriad sources, mastering integration protocols, and learning the nuances of security and access controls."
    - Doug Henschen, Constellation Research
    A Silicon Valley Research and Advisory Firm
  • “Our close partnership with Boomi allows us to collaborate with Boomi product and engineering teams and bring value-added solutions to our joint customers.”
    - Rohit Jalisatgi, Senior Director Business Acceleration, Coupa
    Embedded Partner
  • “Boomi was able to bring us integration that goes beyond the simple integration. Boomi stood out as the best option for expediting the way our customers connect our software with other applications.”
    - Carlos Garcia, Senior Director for Interoperability Strategy and Solutions, QAD
    Embedded Partner
  • “At SAP we talk about the power of many so we go to market with a strong partner advantage. Boomi is one of those partners. We are going to continue to have a lot of joint customers together. It’s not just about that journey within HR. It’s about the journey across the whole digital life cycle.”
    - Dave Ragones, Group Vice President, SAP SuccessFactors
    Embedded Partner

Partner Stories

Gloo LLC + Boomi

Boomi partner Graden Geriig shares best practices from multiple Boomi integration projects, calling Boomi “a swiss army knife of integration.”

Partner Stories

Handshake + Boomi

Learn how Handshake leverages Boomi technology to build one common platform, integrate with any solution and solve the needs of its customers.

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