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Your business depends on data, which means it depends on data integration. To help you make the most of your data, we’ll assess your organization’s integration maturity, identify goals and gaps, and put together a detailed roadmap covering people, processes, and technology.

Together, we’ll help you find better ways to share your in-house integration expertise and empower your organization to do more with your data.

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Integrations Built Right

An ICoE is a team of experts dedicated to implementing and guiding integration best practices
across an organization. By supporting more integration builders across both IT and the business,
ICoEs help enterprises create better integrations, faster.

The Big Picture

An ICoE ensures that every perspective – from business units to data security officers – is considered when tackling new integration projects. An ICoE builds a community of experts that help drive your boldest business ambitions.

Trusted and Proven

An ICoE reflects your organization’s expertise in a growing library of proven frameworks for naming conventions, error handling, data security, and other functions critical to ensuring dependable integrations.

Faster, Better, Cheaper

By creating a proven, agreed-upon foundation of reusable frameworks for integration, an ICoE reduces integration project resource demands by as much as 80%, saving money and time, while improving the quality of code.

Business Agility, Delivered

An ICoE makes building connections fast, easy, and reliable. Want to turbocharge innovation and digital transformation? Set up an ICoE.

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