Celebrating 25 Years of NetSuite

5 min read

Eliminate Data Entry Errors By Integrating NetSuite With Business Intelligence Tools

5 min read

Boomi Recipe Program: Pre-built Recipes for Your Use Cases — With Free One-Day Setup

The Boomi recipe program offers pre-built connectors for common business data needs, like Salesforce →...

4 min read

What Is API-led Connectivity, and Is It Right for You?

If you are considering how to modernize your connectivity and automation strategy, you have probably heard...

5 min read

Green Rabbit Builds on Strong Foundation of Boomi + NetSuite

For a business to run smoothly and seamlessly, its core IT systems must be built on a solid foundation and...

6 min read

Boomi Transforms American Cancer Society’s Infrastructure

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a 100+ year old organization that is leveraging Boomi to modernize its...

6 min read

The Three Pillars of Continuous Transformation

In previous blogs, we examined several steps in an organization’s transformational journey to the cloud....

9 min read

Integrating the Salesforce Platform: Words To the Wise

As part of Slalom's consulting and implementation services, we help clients with a variety of projects that...

8 min read

Leading Restaurant Chains Rely on Capgemini, NetSuite, and Boomi

The chain restaurant industry is big business — and it's a tough business. With more than 200 major...

8 min read

Integration Plumbing: What You Need to Know About Web Services and APIs

10 min read

B2B and Supply Chain Integration for NetSuite Retailers

5 min read
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