Practical AI

Turn the promise of AI into practice.

Benefits of practical AI

Make the promise of AI a reality with a secure AI orchestration framework that increases data trust and improves business productivity, responsibly.


Orchestrate AI components to drive business value with 10x Integration Platform as a Service leader


Eliminate complexity to start AI initiatives through intuitive low-code experience and pre-built templates

Advanced Security

Ensure responsible use and development of AI with enterprise-grade security and reliability

Get AI-Ready

Quickly automate digital ecosystems anywhere and build an AI-ready foundation with trusted data, governed in a highly secure hub.

Ground AI with context

Intuitively orchestrate enterprise data to any AI model to increase relevance and reliability without compromising data security. Accelerate AI grounding with pre-built RAG templates.

Turn talk into actions

Orchestrate GenAI applications to drive automated tasks, maximizing productivity with LLM-based reasoning and planning. Streamline AI agent development and governance.


Empower integration excellence with seamless, efficient, and agile connections for innovation

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