ERP Modernization: Reinvent the Way You do Business

Create integrated experiences by bridging the gap between legacy ERP and modern cloud applications.

Customers Modernizing ERP Applications with Boomi

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Move and Orchestrate Data from Legacy ERP and Modern Cloud Applications

Remove integration complexities

Deliver a cohesive, self-service data platform with Boomi. Help developers, data citizens, and line-of-business users leverage the data they need to support various business applications and processes. Utilizing a low-code application development environment, the Boomi AtomSphere Platform helps optimize processes and create workflows for new user experiences.

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Remove Integration Complexities

By quickly coordinating the integration of third-party applications, Boomi makes moving data and automating business processes easy. Boomi helps you reduce the need for outside consulting while increasing the capabilities of a lean team.

Simplify your ERP ecosystem

Untangle the complexity of your ERP ecosystem by implementing a unified data platform for developers and line-of-business users. With resources optimized, users have the proper time to maintain integrations.

Orchestrate data

Boomi helps you organize and synchronize the data between your ERP ecosystem and third-party applications, helping to reduce the risk of poor decisions due to poor data.

Create new ways to do business

Reduce development dependencies and bring agility and efficiency to your work environment. Boomi’s workflow offers a simplified way to create simple user interfaces or automate business processes to gain productivity.

Start your journey to application modernization

To successfully implement a digital transformation, businesses need to build modern cloud and hybrid IT systems driven by seamlessly integrated applications. Learn more by reading Application Modernization: Keys to Success.

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