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Driving Digital Transformation
with Dell Boomi and Microsoft Applications

Microsoft customers and technology partners trust Dell Boomi for rapid, agile integration between Microsoft Azure & Dynamics and other key enterprise applications — whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Boomi features pre-built connectors for +1000 unique endpoints, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, and Microsoft Dynamics. Easily deploy integration processes with the Boomi Atom run-time engine, which can be hosted on Microsoft Azure. Boomi’s pre-built connectors to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database and Azure Blob Storage empower organizations to build connectivity at a fraction of the time and cost of custom-coded integrations.

Boomi Benefits

Take Advantage of Cortana and Dynamics

  • Quickly deploy new capabilities with Microsoft products for customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and artificial intelligence.
  • Rapidly connect your existing applications to SQL and SharePoint using pre-built connectors to the Microsoft SQL Server database and the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration and document management platform.
  • Turn Data Into Intelligent Action by using Boomi to connect critical data to the Cortana Intelligence Suite, Dynamics, SharePoint and other Microsoft offerings

Enterprise Integration Capabilities without the Complexity

  • Drag-and-drop workflow — no coding required
  • Support for simple to complex business logic
  • Access to hundreds of applications and data sources
  • Pre-built connectors, and ability to build your own
  • Visual any-to-any data transformation
  • Industry-certified security model
  • Instantly deploy integrations between cloud applications and on-premises systems

Native Cloud Platform

  • On-demand access to integration platform
  • No software or appliances to install or maintain
  • On-demand “per connection” pricing
  • Low maintenance solution with frequent releases & updates
  • On-demand zero-footprint deployment option
  • Full-featured, no-risk trial — on-demand