Transforming Risk Into Opportunity With the Boomi Platform

10 min read

A New One-Stop Shop on Boomi Compliance and Security

In our digital age, compliance, privacy, and security matter — a lot. A new Boomi webpage provides a...

3 min read

Take Control of Personal Data and Build Your Reputation as a Trusted Brand

At Slalom, we’ve been helping companies integrate data systems and put data management processes in place...

7 min read

Integration Helps Enterprises Meet AAA Requirements for Privacy By Design

Privacy by Design is the practice of building data privacy into IT products and services by default. It’s...

7 min read

How to Choose the Best Enterprise iPaaS for Your Business

Choosing an enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is as much about investing in the future of...

7 min read

Numbers Tell the Story Behind Privacy By Design for Retailers and Other Enterprises [Infographic]

During his keynote for this year’s National Retail Federation (NRF) 2020: Retail’s Big Show, Microsoft...

4 min read

7 Ways to Grow Your Business & Earn Trust Through Data-Protection Compliance

California's new data-privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), is a wake-up call for the...

8 min read

Mission: Possible — A FedRAMP-authorized iPaaS

At last there is a FedRAMP-authorized unified integration platform as a service! We are thrilled that Boomi...

4 min read

Robotic Process Automation: Is Your Integration Strategy Ready for the Next Emerging Technology?

7 min read

Top 5 Myths About Cloud Adoption in Asia

12 min read

The API Economy: Part of a Bigger Integration Picture

6 min read
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