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AtomSphere Go is Boomi’s frictionless, self-service, usage-based full platform
edition, starting at only $50/month. Explore and grow product usage without a lengthy contract. Start integrating in three easy steps and move data today.


A Self-Service Platform for
Every Need

AtomSphere Go is Boomi’s frictionless, self-service, usage-based full platform edition, starting at only $50/month. Explore and grow product usage without a lengthy contract. Start integrating in three easy steps and move data today.


Explore Boomi’s Full
Platform Capabilities

Connect your apps, automate workflows, and build integrated experiences powered by APIs via Boomi’s low code platform.


3 Months Free to Get Started,
then Pay as You Go

Get started with this offering for 90 days for free, then the pricing starts at $50 on the credit card of your choice, pay for your metered product usage, cancel at any time.


Industry Leading Cloud
Integration Platform

Automate your apps and processes today on the 100% cloud native platform that invented iPaaS. No upgrades or maintenance.

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Which Boomi Edition is Right for You?

AtomSphere Go

  • First 90 Days Free
  • Monthly Pricing Tiers Based on Platform Usage
  • Unlimited Connections, Users, and Integrations
  • Full Platform Functionality
  • Standard Support
Starts at $50 per month

Integration Editions

  • Fixed annual pricing tiers
  • Unlimited Messages, Users, and Integrations
  • Advanced Capabilities for Data Management, Account Groups and More
  • High Availability Runtimes
  • Premium Support

Starting is Easy
with AtomSphere Go

Start Quickly, Build Effectively, Grow Confidently


Connect your apps and data sources to unlock your data


Discover and transform your data for one source of data truth and data insights


Automate your workflows to get time back in your day


Compare Services

Example Monthly Pricing Estimates Based on Services


Starter Integrate Integrate, Hub Integrate, Hub, EDI Integrate, Hub, EDI, Flow
Messages 1,000 10,000 10,000 12,560 13,000
API Calls 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Flow Launches 10 10 10 10 125
Golden Records 1,000 1,000 2,333 2,300 2,300
Trading Partner Connectors 3 3 3 10 10
Total Usage Price
$50 $450 $500 $1,000 $1,500


What You Get with AtomSphere Go

Platform Features
Integration: Integrate any applications and data across your hybrid IT with speed and ease checkmark
Master Data Hub: Synchronize and enrich trusted data across your enterprise checkmark
Flow: Low-code workflow automation to deliver trusted user engagement, everywhere checkmark
API Management: Design, secure, and scale APIs checkmark
B2B/EDI Management: Transform the way you do business with your trading partner network checkmark
Number of connections – SaaS, APIs, apps, and systems Unlimited
Number of integrations, APIs, or low-code apps Unlimited
Number of users Unlimited
Number of environments Unlimited
Boomi Cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises deployment checkmark
Highly available with disaster recovery checkmark
Advanced security, compliance, identity management, and role-based controls checkmark
100+ pre-built apps on Boomi Discover and Process Library checkmark
100+ native and technology connectors connecting 1,500+ apps checkmark
Open source connector SDK to build your own connectors checkmark
WYSIWYG graphical designer checkmark
Platform monitoring and management checkmark
Boomi Suggest with AI/ML based auto-mapping checkmark
Boomi Resolve for smart error resolution checkmark
Boomi Assure for quality control and management checkmark
Standard support checkmark
Free training and certification checkmark
Boomiverse access to forums and Boomi community checkmark


How do we get started?
Enter your sign up and credit card information in the form above. You will receive emails with more information on getting started with your Boomi AtomSphere, Flow, and AtomSphere Go Billing accounts. If you have any issues with your sign up or emails, contact us at
Do we have to sign an annual contract?
No, AtomSphere Go is available as a monthly subscription.
What is a Boomi message?
A Message is a single Boomi Document that flows through the Platform (involving any of the components – Integration, EDI, Hub, API). Flow launches are also metered in as messages where 1 Flow Launch = 100 messages.
How might we estimate our monthly bill?
The first 90 days with AtomSphere Go are free. You will be able to view your usage and bill in the AtomSphere Billing Portal at any time. During the first 90 days free, you can view your message count totals and understand how your usage will eventually translate into a bill from the billing portal.
Can we switch between AtomSphere Go and Integration Editions at any time?
Customers can switch from AtomSphere Go into any of Boomi’s Integration Editions (ex: Base, Professional, Enterprise). Existing Base, Professional, and Enterprise customers will be able to sign up for a new AtomSphere Go account, but we will not be migrating existing Integration Edition accounts into AtomSphere Go at this time.
Please email with questions or feedback.