Lucky Brand:

Addressing the Omnichannel Challenge with Boomi


With half of the S&P500 being replaced in the next decade, practically every company has a choice: transform itself and become a “market disruptor,” or be disrupted by one.

Like most retailers, Lucky Brand has a story to tell about market disruption. In the matter of a few years, customers went from shopping in the mall to expecting integrated customer experiences in a variety of different channels, devices and applications. How did Lucky Brand react? The $700M brick-and-mortar traditional retailer transformed itself into thinking like, and behaving like, a software company.

Hear how Kyle Pretsch, Lucky Brand Director of Integrations and Omnichannel, led that transformation and added millions of dollars in incremental revenue. He’ll describe how his team was able to produce business value by embracing the rapid adoption of new applications and technology — to lead the business, not simply react to its needs. Last, he’ll relate the lessons learned, particularly tips and tricks in using Boomi to ultimately deliver incredible customer experiences.

Webinar Details

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes with Q&A


Kyle Pretsch
Director of Integrations and Omnichannel
Lucky Brand

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