Boomi Veteran Academy

Driving learning, training and job placement post active duty.


About the Veteran Academy

We are excited to offer the Boomi Veteran Academy to train 1,000 service members, veterans, and their families by 2025.

Who Is Eligible?

Service members, veterans, and their families

What Is It?

Boomi offers free, high-demand training for those service members through two programs.

One program is through strategic partnerships that allow for remote, online-learning. Our first partnership announced was through IVMF Syracuse.

The other program is through an in-person internship at Boomi Headquarters (Chesterbrook, Pa). These internships are 12-weeks and require a Capstone Project for completion.

When Can I Start?

You can get started any time! At Boomi, we recognize that post-service lives start any time – e-mail to learn more. 

Why Should I Choose Boomi?

Boomi has an exciting ecosystem of over 580+ partners who are looking for Boomi-skilled people. With adding 6 customers a day, the demand for Boomi-certified people is ever-growing.

How Does It Work?



Does this sound interesting? E-mail us at to learn more!


Once you’ve decided to enroll in the Boomi Veteran Academy, you become a student. You have access to experienced professionals, graduates, and alumni of the program that you can rely on for help.

When you join as a student, you’re becoming something bigger than yourself, you become part of our family. Our group of learners are a diverse, supportive community focused on ensuring your success. 


After you graduate through the program with your certification, we host a yearly graduation party dedicated to the success of you. This certification program is no-easy feat; and you deserve to be recognized.


After you graduate from this program, you will be an alumni of the program. You’ll be invited to an exclusive LinkedIn group where you can keep in touch with the ever-growing ecosystem of graduates. We encourage a “pay-it-forward” approach; and we ask that you help, mentor, and guide our current batch of prospects, students, or graduates.

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