Architect Your Boomi Ambition With the Architect Role-Based Path

2 min read

Keep Boomi Running Smoothly With the Support & Maintenance Role-Based Path

3 min read

Become a Power Integrator With the Boomi Developer Role-Based Path

2 min read

Five Minutes With Ken Maglio of World Wide Technology

Ken Maglio of World Wide Technology shares information on everything from his role leading the integration...

9 min read

Accelerating User Enablement: Role-Based Paths

The Global User Development (GUD) Team at Boomi is excited to announce the Role-Based Paths (RBP) initiative...

2 min read

Boomi’s Mission, Through the Lens of Award-Winning Chief Innovation Officer Ed Macosky

Boomi’s Chief Innovation Officer Ed Macosky was recently named a Top 25 Software Product Executive of 2022...

8 min read

Boomi on Boomi: High5 Recognition Program

At Boomi, we use our product every day to solve common problems. We’re always thinking about new ways to...

6 min read

Celebrating Our 2020 Boomiverse Community Award Winners

Thanks to the resilience and encouragement of our Boomi Community members, we saw some amazing...

5 min read

Boomi History: “Boomi On-Demand”

Years ago, we had the idea to reinvent the integration space by providing a cloud-native integration...

1 min read

Sales Leadership in Challenging Times

Rob Evans served as an Officer in the United States Navy before entering the corporate world. He says that...

7 min read

Boomiverse Gets Even Bigger: Open Access to Online Community

For years, we’ve offered online training and certification and hosted an active online forum for Boomi...

4 min read
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