Software Companies Partner with Boomi to Accelerate Growth

Boomi connects your applications to your customers.

Boomi Application Partners

  • sap
  • workday
  • sap
  • IFS
  • SnowflakeLogo
  • servicenow

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Partner with Boomi in one of three ways

Referral Partnership

This is the quickest and easiest way to get started with Boomi. You refer customers to Boomi to solve their integration needs, and the joint sales team then sells the total solution.

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OEM Partnership

You offer Boomi directly from you to your end customers, and you own the customer relationship. You purchase Boomi at a discount and resell it to your customers. You can include customizations such as pre-built integrations, libraries, runtime environments and connectors.

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Embedded Use Partnership

Similar to the OEM partnership, but Boomi is embedded in your product or offer. You deliver Boomi as a service or through a Boomi provided self-service UI.

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