Workflow Automation Tools: A Guide To Selecting the Right Solution

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Low-Code Development for Professional Services Companies

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Workflow vs. Process Automation: Understanding the Key Differences

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How Fast Is Fast?

Is your data and IT infrastructure holding you back from digital transformation, and the business speed it...

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HealthBridge Financial Accelerates Time To Business Value With Boomi Flow and Boomi Integration

A healthcare/fintech innovator uses Boomi Flow to build self-service engagement portals that deliver...

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Six Ways Boomi Flow Meets the Needs of Professional and Citizen Developers

With its open, flexible platform and API-first architecture, Boomi Flow makes life easier for a range of...

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Boomi Flow: The Ideal Low-Code Platform for Both Professional and Citizen Developers

As we discussed in our last post, one of the most important components of a low-code development platform is...

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​Boomi Flow Delivers Low-Code Workflow Automation to Build the Connected Business

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