Save the Children

Humanitarian aid organization optimizes efficiency while maintaining the transparency of donated funds

Business Goals

In the UK and around the world, Save the Children supports children in order to change the future for good. The organization’s goal is to protect every child, and help them survive, learn, and reach their full potential.

As a business, Save the Children wants to listen, be resilient, and strive to be better, by strengthening its use of insights and evidence, and building strong and lasting relationships.

Integration Challenges

As a charitable organization receiving funds from governments, for-profit organizations, and the public, transparency in funding management is crucial. But Save the Children was struggling with a lack of automation across its internal processes, which not only created a number of inefficiencies but also made transparency challenging.

The organization’s procurement process was split across three isolated systems that managed purchase orders, supply information, and warehouse solutions. Procurement processes were being handled manually, leading to unnecessary risks and costs.

How Boomi Helped

Technology solution advisor Glue Reply, a Boomi partner, connected Save the Children’s third-party vendor solutions with the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, allowing data automatically to flow to where it’s needed.

Now, supplier information, purchase orders, and invoices automatically flow through a new procurement system to financial management and warehouse systems. This removes the need for manual efforts and minimizes the risk of errors — such as double data capture — across the purchase order, supply information, and warehouse solution systems.