The Role of Master Data in Building the Data-Driven Business

5 min read

Boomi is a Champion in Master Data Management

Boomi has been recognized as a Champion in Master Data Management by Software Reviews, powered by InfoTech. ...

4 min read

How Master Data Governance Turns Business Information Into Business Value

Integration isn't enough to run a truly data-driven enterprise. Boomi partner OSI Digital outlines how...

7 min read

Best Practices When Migrating To and From Boomi Master Data Hub (Part Two)

Boomi partner Solita Oy needed to migrate master data from one Boomi Master Data Hub cloud to another Boomi...

6 min read

The Importance of Master Data Management

Discovery, cataloging, and cleansing of data is the essence of master data management. Without an emphasis...

6 min read

The Role of Integration in Innovation

In today’s cloud-driven world, no technology can deliver to its full potential without connectivity. Data,...

8 min read

Empowering Citizen Data Stewards

Data is the most valuable commodity a business has – it's really a new kind of currency for the digital...

5 min read

Data Wrangling: Ensure Consistency Across Applications and Cloud Platforms

At Slalom, we work with a lot of organizations that are migrating from on-premise operations to the cloud....

7 min read

Multi-Mastering Data for Application Migration

At Slalom, we work with a lot of companies that are migrating from legacy on-premise applications to new...

5 min read

Enterprises Gain $3.4 Million in Revenue and Gross Profit With Boomi, Study Finds

Organizations that upgrade to Dell Boomi’s data integration and management platform don’t typically have...

5 min read

When IT Becomes Strategic, Enterprises Need Integration Centers of Excellence

6 min read
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