NetSuite – Salesforce

Streamline Lead-to-Cash operations with pre-built Salesforce – NetSuite Integration.

Unify your front office and back office with prebuilt integration that orchestrates processes from end-to-end, ensuring data consistency and transparency. Dell Boomi syncs your critical data in seconds to automate lead-to-cash and provide the visibility you need to deliver superior customer service.

The Boomi Solution Accelerator for NetSuite and Salesforce bundles industry-best cloud integration with expert professional services. It’s purpose-built to help jumpstart your lead-to-cash process and to accelerate outcomes throughout your business.

Accelerate your suitesuccess

Boomi’s Integration Accelerators align with NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess, a methodology based on industry-specific best practices to speed time to value for new customers.

NetSuite – Salesforce solution accelerator

Advanced capabilities

As a NetSuite SuiteSuccess and Built for NetSuite partner, Boomi delivers a complete Solution Accelerator package with rich out-of-the-box capabilities — with flexibility for “last mile” customizations.

Front-and back-office visibility

Gain transparency and insights into critical processes with unified data from your NetSuite and Salesforce applications.

360° closed-loop automation

Seamlessly automate processes with bi-directional data exchange to ensure that your systems and people have the right data when they need it.


Equip sales and back-office teams for comprehensive reporting on key business metrics, from sales forecasting to your most profitable customers.

Embedded intelligence

Take advantage of Boomi’s deep domain knowledge, crowd-sourced insights, and best practices intrinsic to all our integration products.


Benefit with automatic upgrades and a single-instance, multi-tenant cloud architecture, with no hardware or in-house software to install and maintain.

Fully extensible

Boomi’s unified platform provides fast, simple and efficient integration. Customize out-of-the box integrations and connect other applications as needed.

NetSuite to Salesforce solution accelerator demo

Learn how Dell Boomi’s NetSuite to Salesforce accelerator allows you to quickly and simply configure connections between NetSuite and Salesforce.

Key benefits

Improve End-to-End Efficiency

Eliminate time-consuming manual data entry and lookups for front- and back-office personnel. Boomi drives efficiency across your lead-to-cash cycle, freeing sales reps and the accounting team and ensuring happy customers with accurate, timely order fulfillment.

Automate Lead-to-Cash Workflows

Exchange real-time data to efficiently streamline lead-to-cash workflows. Boomi makes it simple to automate synchronization of account, sales order, product and other information between NetSuite and Salesforce.

Enhance Visibility and Results

Give sales reps on-demand clarity into customer order history, payments and communications stored in NetSuite to inform their customer interactions. Managers get timely insights for sales reporting and forecasting.

Build on Integration Success

Boomi helps you start quickly, build efficiently and grow confidently. Extend the Boomi unified platform to connect additional applications, cleanse and enrich data, manage your partner network, build workflows, manage APIs and more.

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