The Boomi Recipe Program

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How It Works

Boomi is now including help from Boomi Experts in the price of select recipes, to achieve your outcome by moving data faster than ever. The Boomi team will help connect your applications with the leading iPaaS platform, and set up your first integrations based on the select recipes. Once the team has the integration up and running, you’ll be able to build on the recipe and continue to customize your integrations and accelerate business outcomes.

Fast Onboarding

The Boomi Recipe Program was designed to get you integrating key applications faster than ever. By partnering our setup team and our prebuilt solutions, setup is fast and easy. The recipe setup service is highly optimized and designed to help companies install and set up a recipe in only one day.

One Day Setup Service

The bundle of the Recipe and one day setup service is cost effective and proves a faster time to value for customers. Customers are now able to leverage the knowledge of the Professional Services Team at no additional cost to assist with setting up their Boomi account.

Excellence in Service

Take advantage of strategic and technical expertise for assessing requirements, building roadmaps, developing code, applying best practices, and managing projects to completion. Boomi’s trusted advisors help you realize the full benefits of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform for creating automated data services to power your future growth.

Connect Salesforce with NetSuite

Sync Salesforce with NetSuite in just a few quick steps. Use automatic data updates to ensure productivity, and to optimize visibility, agility, and efficiency.

Connect NetSuite with Shopify

Sync NetSuite data with Shopify in just a few quick steps with this solution. Optimize visibility and efficiency with automatic data updates from this solution.

Connect ADP with Okta

Sync ADP workers with Okta users in just a few quick steps. Use ADP employee records to generate system access in Okta to provide secure access across systems.

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