Boomi Launches Widgets for Easy-to-Use SaaS Integration Between Popular Business Applications

Company Continues to Innovate SaaS Integration Market With First Pre-Built yet Customizable Integration Widgets

PALO ALTO, CA (Marketwire) 07/29/09 – AlwaysOn & STVP Summit at Stanford — Boomi, the market and technology leader for on-demand integration, today announced the availability of pre-built, easy-to-use integration Widgets for SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-On-Premises integration of common business applications. Businesses with application-specific integration needs can quickly and easily deploy integration Widgets without the burden of coding, data mapping or configuring for firewall issues. Once deployed, Boomi Widgets work behind-the-scenes to continually and automatically update and synchronize applications every few minutes.

While pre-built integration processes are not a new concept in the industry, Boomi is the first company to deliver pre-built integrations that can be customized by the end-user at the time of deployment. Boomi Widgets allow non-technical end-users to easily customize and deploy these productized integrations in minutes via simple, menu-driven wizards. Businesses can purchase and deploy Boomi Widgets directly from Boomi’s Website or through Boomi’s network of application and integration partners.

“Boomi has delivered the next generation of SaaS integration with the release of Boomi Widgets,” said Laurie McCabe, Partner, Hurwitz and Associates. “Now, business users with limited or no technical skills can connect common SaaS and on-premises applications with just a few mouse clicks. Boomi continues to innovate the space and remove integration as a barrier to the adoption of SaaS and cloud computing solutions.”

“This is the holy grail of integration that people have been trying to solve for decades: pre-built and embeddable integrations that business users can deploy and customize themselves,” said Bob Moul, CEO of Boomi. “With the introduction of Boomi Widgets, we continue to take the pain and cost out of integration to help facilitate and accelerate the growth of the SaaS and cloud computing industry.”

In another industry first, independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs) and developers can now build and embed productized integration processes themselves without being dependent on an integration vendor for development and maintenance. Boomi Widgets allow ISVs, SIs and developers to build and offer pre-integrated applications — generating substantial competitive advantage over applications that rely on separate, third-party integration products. Boomi partners can build common integration processes once and deploy to an infinite number of customers saving extraordinary time during implementation.

“Boomi Widgets allow us to essentially productize our intellectual property and enhance our competitive advantage,” said Deborah Brook, CEO of WDCi, a systems integration consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. “We can easily create and market widgets of all types and price them according to the specific value delivered and the customer segment we are addressing. In addition, we can support and manage all of our integration customers from one central platform using AtomSphere.”

“Boomi Widgets take self-service SaaS integration to a whole new level,” said Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora. “With Boomi Widgets, we are able to embed pre-built and pre-tested integrations directly in our subscription management, billing, and payments platform, and allow end users to complete the integration setup themselves — saving them tens of thousands of dollars on typical integration costs and saving us countless hours of technical support which we can deploy elsewhere.”

With AtomSphere and now through Widgets, Boomi continues to build on its successful momentum in 2009 by adding more than 100 customers from January to June 2009 and doubling its record growth rate from 2008. Boomi’s innovation and success has been recognized through a number of awards so far this year, including the AlwaysOn Global 250, the AlwaysOn East 100, the SIIA CODiE for Best On-Demand Platform and the JMP Securities Hot 100.

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About Boomi

Boomi is the market-leading provider of on-demand integration technology and the creator of AtomSphere, the industry’s first integration platform-as-a-service. AtomSphere connects providers and consumers of SaaS and on-premises applications via a pure SaaS integration platform that does not require software or appliances. ISVs and businesses alike benefit by connecting to the industry’s largest network of SaaS, PaaS, on-premises and cloud computing environments in a seamless and fully self-service model. Leading SaaS players such as, NetSuite, Intuit, @Task, Taleo, and Zuora rely on AtomSphere to accelerate time to market, increase sales, and eliminate the challenges associated with integration. Recent Boomi awards include the SIIA CODiE for Best On-Demand Platform; the AlwaysOn East 100; the AlwaysOn Global 250; and the JMP Securities Hot 100. For more information about Boomi, visit