Boomi Council Webinar Series

Councils face many challenges, in this 5-part webinar series we will discuss how to unlock the full value of your existing systems. You will discover how an agile, cloud-based integration and data governance platform, such as Boomi, can improve operational efficiencies, digitize services and meet both your organizational and customer demands of the future.

The Boomi Platform


Why you should attend:

Councils are going through lots of transformation. However, they are still heavily reliant on existing technologies such as TechnologyOne, Infor Pathway or Civica. They are faced with issues around how to run their businesses but are expected to implement change at the same time. We will discuss how good technology choices can help you unlock the true value of your existing investments as well as extending those investments for the future.


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Webinar 1

Unlocking TechnologyOne using Boomi Integration



Webinar 2

Automating end-to-end process using Boomi Flow



Webinar 3

Safely onboarding remote employees using Boomi Master Data Hub