ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion & Market Research) is the world association for market, social and opinion research. The non-profit organization facilitates an ongoing dialogue with its 4,800 individual members and 350 corporate members in more than 130 countries through industry-specific and thematic conferences, publications and best practice guidelines. ESOMAR represents a network of over 25,000 industry professionals and also provides ethical guidance and actively promotes self-regulation in partnership with a number of associations across the globe. For a flexible, scalable solution to facilitate integration between its website and customer relationship management (CRM) system, ESOMAR turned to Dell Boomi.

Business Goals

ESOMAR needed a faster, more efficient way to integrate its website front-end, back-end database and NetSuite CRM application. They sought to eliminate manual processes and data discrepancy to speed and enhance customer acquisition and service. ESOMAR also wanted their in-house staff to perform integrations, to control costs and slash development times.

Integrating a customer-facing website and the back-end CRM

ESOMAR’s website and its back-end CRM system are both vital to the success of the organization. When new members join online, their contact details are stored in the CRM system. Anyone can search for members on the website and make purchases from the online store; members who have signed in can access more detailed information about other members and receive discounts on purchases.

However, the back-end process was largely manual rather than automated. Since the organization was working to grow by organizing more events and expanding the products and services it offers, the back-end inefficiencies had significantly increased workload in multiple departments at ESOMAR. Moreover, ESOMAR was concerned that the manual processes could easily cause discrepancies in data throughout its different systems.

Looking for a flexible, scalable solution with quick time-to-value

To better integrate its website and CRM system, ESOMAR first tried a competitive solution but found that this solution did not support its goals of flexibility in development and cost savings. Plus, working with external developers overseas slowed progress and increased the opportunity for miscommunication.

“The competitive solution was strictly defined by a statement of work that limited our development possibilities and would have saddled us with incredibly high maintenance costs to expand the areas of automation,” explains Felix Chandra, business systems senior manager at ESOMAR. “We needed a flexible, scalable solution that would speed both initial development and updates and deliver cost savings on both capital and operational expenditures.”

How Boomi Helped

Dell Boomi AtomSphere, the industry’s largest integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

ESOMAR’s Web technology supplier suggested an appealing alternative: Boomi AtomSphere, the industry’s largest integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Boomi AtomSphere enables organizations to connect any combination of cloud and on-premises applications—without software, appliances or coding. With Boomi’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and community-powered data mapping suggestion engine, customers like ESOMAR can build and deploy integrations in just days or weeks, not months or years, ensuring rapid timeto- value. And customers can monitor and maintain integrations, whether onpremise or in the cloud, with Boomi’s Web-based, feature-rich dashboard.

ESOMAR quickly saw that Boomi was the right solution to support both its short-term integration needs and its long-term growth. “Boomi’s user-friendly interface enables us to build the integration processes without having to deal with technical coding of particular computer languages; all we need is technical understanding and business logic,” comments Chandra.


Better customer care through improved efficiency and accuracy

ESOMAR uses Boomi to quickly develop efficient, automated processes that capture customer data from the website and transfer that data to the CRM system, as well as to store the data in a database for retrieval as needed for online purchases or publishing in the online directory.

“Dell provided creative solutions to our application integration issues,” notes Chandra. “Boomi’s intuitive interface enables us to create integrations without having to write code, and we leverage Boomi Premier Support services for technical assistance as needed to achieve our goals. Plus, the automation helps ensure that data is both accurate and up to date.”

Easy in-house development reduces costs and improves agility.

ESOMAR is delighted to have a solution that enables quick development by its in-house developers, which helps ensure that customer needs are met while reducing costs. “Dell supported us with the initial training we needed to advance our in-house skills to the next level, which is crucial for achieving our business goals,” says Chandra.