How IT Can Deliver Faster Time To Value

4 minute read | 31 Mar 2022

By Boomi

The way that companies operate is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Employees expect to be able to access data whenever and however they want, customers require quick response times and trustworthy information, and executives need to enable their employees to operate faster while reducing costs. And, IT is able to make all of this possible.

An integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud-based solution built to help companies connect and manage their data, and integrate their processes. An iPaaS is a reliable solution for modern data management needs, and can help IT help business users faster, without breaking the bank.

Many iPaaS systems are built for both technical and non-technical users, allowing the IT team to enable the entire organization to integrate their data. This reduces the number of IT requests giving the team more time to spend on innovation.

If you’re looking for speed — speed to integration, speed for business users, speed for resolving requests, and speed to market — that’s exactly what an iPaaS delivers.

Benefits of iPaaS

An integration platform as a service offers numerous benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Centralize data management and integration: Investing in an iPaaS allows you to track all data transfers in one place.
  • Reliable and accessible data, while maintaining governance and integrity: Ensure you don’t have any security or privacy issues by using a platform that guarantees data protection.
  • Remove data silos and integrate applications: Allow your applications to talk to each other, and to merge data across your business.
  • Reduce time to completion of projects: Eliminate time spent waiting for information from other teams, and enable each team to be self-sufficient.
  • Lower number of manual tasks and risk of error: Data integration and automation eliminates the risk of human error and reduces time spent on manual tasks and data uploads.
  • Increase ROI on applications: Get the most out of every application by connecting it with the rest of your stack.

While developing an in-house solution may be tempting, an iPaaS provides far more functionality, takes less time to implement, and gives employees time to devote to business-critical responsibilities. And there’s one iPaaS that stands above the rest: The Boomi Enterprise Platform.

The Boomi Difference

The Boomi Platform intelligently connects your applications and automates your workflows. Basically, with Boomi, you can connect everyone to everything, anywhere.

Benefits include:

  • Faster Time to Value: Accelerate business outcomes with fast implementation, agility, and immediate value that grows.
  • Quick Start: Sign up immediately with Pay-as-You-Go and scale quickly as needs grow.
  • Future-proof: Unified full life-cycle iPaaS with low-code workflow automation, master data hub, API management, EDI management, and data catalog and preparation capabilities ensures your future needs are met.
  • Control: Remove data silos; ensure correctness, completeness, and protection of data to deliver actionable insights and automated actions.
  • Flexibility: Boomi delivers vendor neutrality and supports various deployment needs such as cloud, on-premises, or hybrid as well as architectures.
  • Community: A robust training library and community creates power Boomi users and integration masters.

A study conducted by Forrester Consulting shows that the Boomi platform pays for itself in less than six months, reduces integration development times by 65 percent, and delivers an incredible 410 percent ROI over a three-year period. Those statistics are hard to beat!

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