4 Best Practices to Excel at Master Data Management

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3 Ways That Bad Data Poses a Multimillion-Dollar Risk to Your Business

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The Role of Master Data in Building the Data-Driven Business

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5 Ways Boomi Accelerates Time to Value

If you’re a seasoned IT professional, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “time to value” tossed around...

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Eliminate Data Silos to Support Customer 360 and Create a Frictionless Customer Journey

Two on-demand webinars explain the necessity of a Customer 360 view to power business success, and how Boomi...

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AI-Driven Data Analytics Can Change the Way You Use Your Data

The need for speed is crucial to the success of any digital transformation initiative, perhaps none more so...

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De-risk Your Data to Improve Compliance and Governance

Managing and governing data risk is a never-ending process for most organizations, and undiscovered,...

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Integration Is at the Heart of ERP Modernization

If you have “AI,” “data,” or “analytics” in your job title, then your role in the enterprise...

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Why an Enterprise Data Catalog is a Must for Forward-Looking Companies

As data becomes an increasingly important tool for operational governance, data catalogs need to become a...

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How To Drive Competitive Advantage for Higher Education Institutions in the Face of COVID-19

Higher education institutions in Australia and New Zealand have been some of the hardest hit by the...

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Best Practices When Migrating To and From Boomi Master Data Hub (Part Three)

Boomi partner Solita Oy needed to migrate master data from one Boomi Master Data Hub cloud to another Boomi...

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