What Is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?

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Why iPaaS Is the Best Solution for Healthcare EDI

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Five Minutes With Boomi’s Byron Hall on the Importance of EDI

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Why Does ‘Composable’ Have to Be Limited to ERP?

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Simplify EDI Visibility With the Boomi EDI Dashboard

Reading through a disjointed chain of EDI transactions to diagnose and track errors and document status for...

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What You Need to Know About Supply Chains and Supply Chain Analytics

What are the benefits of a well-functioning supply chain? Why do supply chains fail? And when they do, how...

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Modernizing Data Exchange With the Boomi AtomSphere Platform

Learn from Apps Associates how Boomi can deliver seamless integration between Cloud ERP applications,...

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Three Case Studies Show the Benefits of a Modern, Cloud-Native EDI Platform

To realize the full benefits of IT modernization for EDI, AMMEX, Kenco Logistics, and Eddie Stobart all...

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Cut Through EDI Complexity With End-to-End Visibility

Whether you’re an EVP of operations, a VP of supply chain, or a director of B2B/EDI partner integrations,...

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Modernizing EDI: 5 Strategies for Success

Here are 5 strategies for modernizing legacy EDI services to work in a cloud-first world and better...

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Benefits of EDI: Efficiency, Accuracy, and Beyond

Data integration makes it easier for businesses to collect, store, and analyze data to gain powerful...

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