Get the Most From Google Cloud With Modern Integration

5 minute read | 12 Oct 2023

By Boomi

Google Cloud offers businesses of all sizes the tools to quickly build whatever digital products they want.

Part of what makes Google Cloud such a powerful platform is the vast array of off-the-shelf  tools available. From storage and databases to virtual machines to advanced artificial intelligence tools, Google Cloud brings enterprise-level capabilities to any size company. Because all of these tools are built by Google, they integrate seamlessly with each other without the need to write any code.

On top of that, Google’s Application Integration tool offers users a set of pre-built connectors that enable quick integration between Google Cloud services and third-party applications like SAP HANA, ServiceNow, and Shopify. With the expanded capabilities offered by this collection of common business applications, users have just about everything they need to get started building the next great digital product.

Still, the list of connectors developed for Google Cloud can feel limiting. This is especially true as more niche applications play a central role. In those instances, expanding your application’s capabilities is as easy as adding one more integration: Boomi.

Get More Out of Google Cloud With iPaaS

On its own, Google Cloud provides a solid foundation for organizations – from small and medium businesses (SMBs) to enterprise organizations – to build apps, websites, and other online services quickly and reliably. But for companies looking to expand the data sources available to their product beyond the services that Google Cloud has built connectors, a third-party iPaaS solution like Boomi is a good option.

Boomi is a Google Cloud Technology Partner, a status gained only after a strenuous vetting process. Boomi offers a more extensive selection of pre-built connectors in addition to a simple method for building custom connectors.

Adding Boomi to your integration ecosystem will unlock multiple benefits that make Google Cloud even more powerful.

Integrate More Data Sources

While Google Cloud offers a variety of integrations through its Application Integration offering, those connections are limited to a few dozen common applications. An integration solution from a dedicated integration platform as a service (iPaaS) vendor, like Boomi, provides Google Cloud users with pre-built connectors for hundreds of applications, greatly expanding the platform’s capabilities.

Boomi’s anything-to-everything connectivity allows Google Cloud users to integrate their non-Google applications just as easily. That lets you choose the right application or data source for your project, regardless of whether or not there is a native connector within the Google ecosystem.

Deeper Analytics

Google Cloud provides connectors for its analytics tools and can also integrate data from many common applications containing analytics elements. These analytics solutions offer a good view of the data within the applications Google Cloud can integrate.

However, any data generated by applications outside Google’s curated collection of integrations remains separate. This fragmentation of data can lead to lost insights and missed opportunities.

Adding an iPaaS solution to enhance your other Google Cloud integrations brings data from every source to a single, centralized location without needing to write custom code. A comprehensive, centralized data collection empowers each department with the highest analytics available, allowing them to be more efficient and make better business decisions.

Faster Time to Market

No matter what you’re using Google Cloud to create, every moment you spend building is another moment not on the market. Most companies find efficiencies by pulling in data or other functionality from other applications. For example, rather than building an e-commerce system or an e-signature tool from scratch, it is much simpler to integrate existing tools into your process.

In the same way, taking advantage of pre-built integrations saves considerable time. When developers can focus on building the product instead of building connectors, the many pieces that make up your application can come together and be shipped to your customers faster.

A Better Customer Experience

No matter what you have built using the Google Cloud Platform, customer data is likely central to the user experience. Relying on manual data transfer from applications or other data sources not integrated with your core product can cause a lag in updating customer information, which can result in an uneven–or worse, flat-out bad–customer experience.

Using Boomi alongside Google Cloud allows you to integrate every data source across your organization, including data from marketing automation platforms, retail POS systems, inventory management systems, and more. When all of this data is integrated into a single, centralized location, customer information can be updated instantly, no matter how they interact with your brand.

Boomi Makes Google Cloud Integration More Powerful

You must integrate Google Cloud’s tools with all relevant data sources to get the most from the digital platform. For SMBs, speed is of the essence, and the fastest and most reliable way to integrate your applications is with Boomi.

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