A Faster, Simpler Way to Integrate with Oracle Fusion Cloud

4 minute read | 06 Jun 2018

As Oracle customers migrate from legacy on-premise systems to Oracle Fusion Cloud, integration can pose an obstacle.

We at Jade Global, a Boomi partner and global IT consulting firm, have experienced this first hand. We’ve encountered significant challenges in integrating Oracle Fusion Cloud with Salesforce, Workday and other cloud applications for clients.

An experience with one client in the enterprise network services space prompted our team of Oracle integration experts to engineer a better approach, with the Boomi integration platform at the core.

A Tangle of Web Service Calls

Oracle’s middleware platform natively supports web service calls to exchange data with other systems, making integration between Oracle Fusion Cloud and best-of-breed cloud apps more challenging. These native web services are limited and cannot be customized. And more than 100 web service calls may be needed to manage even basic integration processes.

This creates complex scenarios for data integration and migration that require time, money and integration specialists with Oracle expertise. Visibility into the status of web service calls and data exchange may also be limited.

In early implementations of Oracle Fusion Cloud, our Jade Global team utilized cloud-based technology from third-party platforms to handle integrations between Oracle and other cloud apps — with limited success. We encountered issues such as encoded Oracle error messages that other integration tools were not able to decode.

Boomi iPaaS Paves the Way

The Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS) has proven ideal for Oracle Fusion Cloud integrations. Boomi supplies the foundation for our prebuilt integration framework for Oracle Fusion Cloud customers.

This approach has proven so effective that we now rely on it to run our own business. We use both Oracle Fusion Cloud and a Boomi-based integration framework for improving workflows, automating processes and bringing more visibility to key data across our global operations.

Our partnership with Boomi has been so successful that we’ve launched a Boomi-based integration practice, growing the Jade team to 35 Boomi-certified developers in just six months.

The many benefits that we realize as a Boomi partner are passed along to our customers. Our customers use the Boomi framework for integrations in a variety of environments, including human capital management (HCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), and electronic data interchange (EDI).

60 Percent Faster Implementations

Since Jade Global began using Boomi, we have been able to speed up integration times for Oracle Fusion Cloud projects by 50 to 60 percent.

Boomi’s low-code development environment, prebuilt connectors and flexibility to connect with any data source have all helped shorten integration times. We’ve cut months from development cycles. As a result, we can help our customers much more quickly gain the full benefit of their investments in Oracle Fusion Cloud.

Because Jade offers a prebuilt framework, we have the ability to redeploy the Boomi-based foundation across multiple customers, while taking on more time-consuming customization work when needed.

Our framework also dramatically reduces complexity. For example, rather than requiring multiple web service calls to create a single customer record, our system is seamlessly integrated with Boomi. The system is designed so that Oracle Fusion Cloud can make one call to Boomi, which then connects with source or target applications for inbound and outbound integrations.

Integrations for Building a Connected Business

This simplicity, along with Boomi’s robust error-handling and unified view into the status and details of all integrations, reduces troubleshooting and maintenance headaches. For Jade Global and our customers, what were once time-consuming and complex integration projects are now streamlined tasks with our Boomi-based framework.

With Boomi, our Oracle Fusion Cloud customers are better able to automate processes across diverse hybrid IT landscapes. They can increase business agility, improve visibility, ensure data quality and boost productivity, all while lowering initial and ongoing costs. Our customers are able to build connected businesses by putting agile, cloud-native integration at the center of their enterprise.

To learn more about how Boomi can dramatically speed and improve application and data integration, please contact our Boomi integration experts today.

About the author: Vinit Verma is the integration practice lead at Jade Global, a Boomi Certified Integration Partner and global IT consulting firm based in San Jose, Calif.