Riverbed Technology

A global IT vendor realizes greater speed, agility, and cost-efficiency in integration and trading partner EDI by upgrading from on-premises TIBCO BusinessWorks to Boomi’s cloud-native platform


Riverbed Technology is evolving its IT solutions to help enterprises excel with unified observability, network and application acceleration, and digital experience management.

To support that transition, Riverbed is modernizing its IT infrastructure with best-of-breed applications. Riverbed has migrated from legacy on-premises systems to cloud apps for customer and partner relationship management (CRM/PRM), HR, financial planning, and more.

To realize its goals, Riverbed needed to replace outdated, heavily customized legacy middleware with a modern, cloud-native platform for integration and electronic data interchange (EDI).


Riverbed struggled with lengthy development, costly infrastructure and maintenance, and limited skills availability with its on-premises TIBCO BusinessWorks platform. After evaluating MuleSoft and TIBCO’s cloud-hosted offering, Riverbed selected the Boomi Enterprise Platform to replace TIBCO for both internal integration and EDI with channel partners.

Boomi’s ease of use, scalability, cost savings, and integration/EDI capabilities in a single platform were key factors. Implementation by Boomi partner Jade and Boomi Managed Cloud Services got Riverbed on the fast track to success.


Using Boomi to streamline quote-to-cash, Riverbed is reducing sales quote preparation from up to seven days to less than eight hours. Rollouts of Boomi and Salesforce CPQ (configure, price, quote) are eliminating manual data work by sales operations and sales reps teams.

Faster quoting improves customer experiences, drives revenue, and allows sales reps to prepare quotes previously so complex they needed to be handled by sales ops experts. With B2B/EDI Management, Riverbed is enhancing data reliability and consistency across order fulfillment.


Riverbed uses Boomi for 120+ integrations, about 70 across applications and 50 with EDI trading partners. It’s accelerated integration rollouts 2X while scaling up or down as needed.

Riverbed no longer needs specialized TIBCO skills, while Boomi processes high data volumes in near real time to help Riverbed transform into a faster, more agile business. Riverbed has:

  • Reduced TCO with lower costs for licensing, in-house infrastructure, and technical debt
  • Improved data reliability and business process speed
  • Streamlined trading partner onboarding