Scottish Water

Scottish Water turned to Boomi to modernize its IT systems and provide data integration to serve its 2.6 million partners and customers.

Geschäftliche Ziele

Scottish Water provides drinking water to 2.57 million households and 152,916 business customers across Scotland. Seamless communication and operational efficiency are essential.

Scottish Water required an integration platform that would help it move from on-premises applications to cloud-hosted applications, to assist its digital transformation program. The existing legacy integrations platforms were limited to working with the on-premises application estate. A hybrid integration platform as a service (iPaaS) was required to fulfill the transition from an on-premises to cloud hosted environment.

Herausforderungen bei der Integration

Scottish Water needed a powerful, modern integration platform that could provide efficiency and scalability to assist in its digital transformation journey. The platform would also need to promote ease-of-use and business agility.

At the start of 2017, approximately 350 legacy integrations were identified for migration. As the migration project progressed, a further 250 integration processes were identified.

Wie Boomi geholfen hat

With the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, Capgemini was able to connect data with third parties and other internal IT systems, deepening relationships and facilitating innovation. It also built new integrations to replace previous ineffective versions.

Scottish Water used Boomi to integrate CRM, wholesale, finance, HR, and other corporate systems. Other systems to receive Boomi integrations included payroll, digital customer engagement, and data integration with external partners. At the end of 2021, approximately 900 integration processes were live.


Since working with Boomi, Scottish Water has realized significant benefits, including:

  • Significant annual savings
  • Replacement of ~600 legacy integrations and decommissioning of 1000 inactive, unused applications processes
  • Business benefits across almost every company department, including business-critical areas responsible for data quality, compliance reporting, water delivery, and wastewater
  • Much faster turnaround of integrations — what used to take weeks now takes days at most
  • Reduced need for administrative support and maintenance time for integrations, giving its IT team more time to innovate