With Boomi, NNIT can deliver integrations 4X faster than legacy middleware while providing mission-critical reliability and high-performance IT management services for its customers.

Geschäftliche Ziele

NNIT, a leading IT services and infrastructure provider in Denmark, wanted to streamline its monitoring and management operations and improve resilience for itself and its customers.

The company determined that the best way to achieve this goal would be for its clients to be able to run their own IT service management (ITSM) applications while simultaneously using NNIT’s ITSM system. And they wanted to get customers live on the combined system as quickly as possible.

To make this initiative viable, NNIT needed highly reliable, real-time connectivity between its customers’ applications and NNIT’s ITSM system.

Herausforderungen bei der Integration

Integration across complex ITSM environments needed to be real time, reliable and scalable.

For NNIT, a typical ITSM project involves connecting NNIT’s BMC Remedy ITSM application to a customer’s ITSM system — typically based on BMC, ServiceNow or Cherwell Software. NNIT needed to synchronize data exchange around incidents, service requests, changes and problems between customers and NNIT applications.

NNIT runs Microsoft BizTalk to handle internal integrations, but was concerned about scalability and the time needed for development and integration builds.

Wie Boomi geholfen hat

NNIT chose the low-code Boomi Enterprise Platform for its reliability, scalability, speed of development and ease of use.

Now, Boomi exchanges 29,000 transactions and 130,000 documents per day in four types of integrations between customer and NNIT ITSM applications. And work is underway for Boomi to connect ITSM systems for five more NNIT customers, with dozens more in the pipeline.

NNIT is also ramping up its use of Boomi API Management to further accelerate the process. And, NNIT is now also a Boomi partner!


Boomi delivers the mission-critical stability and speed that NNIT needs while facilitating rapid integration development. Boomi-powered integration is helping NNIT better meet customer demands, extend its service offerings and introduce new speed and sophistication to its IT service management.

The consulting firm has realized both quantifiable and qualitative results, including:

  • 4X faster integration development compared to legacy ESB systems
  • Reliability and high throughput in mission-critical integrations
  • Transparent monitoring and reporting to ensure process integrity
  • New IT service offerings for customers