Leading industrial CAD, PLM, IoT, and AR software company’s five-year digital transformation plan prioritizes the modernization of legacy systems and new digital workstreams accessible via APIs

Objectifs d’entreprise

PTC is looking to offer a SaaS-like experience to its customers, as the company transitions its portfolio of products from perpetual, to subscription, to cloud models. To do so, PTC needed to make legacy back-end systems accessible internally and externally via APIs as part of a strategy for long-term replacement without disruption to business operations.

Défis technologiques

The technical debt created by PTC’s aging systems was hampering its long-term digital transformation efforts. There was no single code base, and costs were unpredictable.

While the existing middleware was functional, systems maintenance and updates were time consuming and required specialized staff, and running the older versions that integrations were built and tested on raised security concerns for PTC. It also did not have the API management functionality needed to abstract the capabilities of the company’s backend systems to present new digital services.

Comment Boomi est venu en aide

PTC evaluated several well-known integration vendors, including Boomi, and conducted a proof of concept (POC) that required building an API. Boomi completed the exercise in two days, substantially faster than the leading competitor’s platform.

In addition to its performance in the POC, the Boomi Enterprise Platform met all of PTC’s other requirements. The company chose to use Boomi Integration, API Management, and Boomi Flow.

With the Boomi Enterprise Platform, PTC has created:

  • Sixty reusable APIs with Boomi API Management
  • TRACE (Transaction Activity and Customer Experience), an internal portal application built with Boomi Flow to provide transactional traceability of internal processes for quote-to-cash, employee onboarding, and master data management
  • The foundation for modernizing its ERP system and moving to a best-of-breed approach to business applications

Résultats pour l’entreprise

With the Boomi Enterprise Platform, PTC has dramatically increased the speed with which it can respond to business demands. For example, API development, which used to take six to eight weeks, now takes only two, including testing and deployment.

In addition to speed, the Boomi Enterprise Platform has also delivered multiple benefits for PTC’s IT team. IT can now more readily handle integration and API requests, roll out new services, and meet the growing volume of business demands.