American Express Global Business Travel

With Boomi, American Express Global Business Travel was able to integrate a new cloud platform with on-premise applications in just three months. The company is now positioned to empower travelers today and in future.

Objectifs d’entreprise

After being spun off from its parent company in 2014, American Express Global Business Travel (AmexGBT) wanted to deliver a top-notch experience to every customer. That meant finding a unified, integrated platform that could:

  • Enhance travel with cutting-edge apps
  • Provide a world-class travel experience
  • Deliver the greatest value in travel
  • Optimize the business through actionable data and insights

Yet, the new entity still had to protect its parent company’s intellectual property, gained from years of running a global travel business.

Défis technologiques

AmexGBT’s IT team was given only three months to stand up any new platforms and a year to complete the integration of existing on-premise software and systems with best-of-breed cloud-based applications for corporate functions like HR, procurement and finance.

In addition to aggressive performance goals and an accelerated development and deployment timeline, AmexGBT faced three distinct IT challenges:

  • Complex business use cases outside the scope of traditional middleware
  • Internal security and governance restrictions
  • Application silos that needed to exchange data

Comment Boomi est venu en aide

The company evaluated three market-leading integration solutions, but Boomi’s superior ease of use paired with its proven low TCO helped it quickly emerge as the leader. Boomi’s low-code development environment and extensive library of pre-built connectors were also key, allowing AmexGBT to quickly accomplish complex integrations with limited staff.

“With Boomi we could bring in people with basic platform integration knowledge,” says Prasant Panicker, director of technologies at American Express GBT. “Even if they didn’t know the product, they could pick it up quickly.”

Résultats pour l’entreprise

Boomi quickly and cost-effectively facilitated data transformation and exchange between SaaS and on-premise applications. In only three months, with Boomi and a small team, AmexGBT:

  • Architected, built, tested and deployed a new, global IT infrastructure
  • Executed 120 different integrations
  • Grew revenue from $0 to $20 billion
  • Realized nearly immediate ROI

With Boomi, AmexGBT can easily handle different use cases with distinct security and scaling requirements, positioning the company to empower travelers today and in future.