Saxion University of Applied Sciences uses the Boomi Enterprise Platform to centralize control and overview of data streams, and improve the user experience for students and staff

Objectifs d’entreprise

Saxion, an applied sciences university in the Netherlands, aims to prepare its 28,000+ students for a “smart world” driven by technology and IT. That future is constantly evolving, and Saxion strives to be at the cutting edge.

Digitization is not enough for Saxion — the way technology impacts people is just as important to the university. To that end, Saxion wanted to untangle a web of legacy integrations, increase transparency in data streams, and improve user experiences for students and 2,400+ staff.

Défis technologiques

Saxion faced challenges with ad hoc integrations across applications, creating “data flow spaghetti.” Disparate systems resulted in different ways of working throughout Saxion’s 13 academies, while the lack of coherent integrations undermined user experiences.

To live up to its “get ready for a smart world” mission, Saxion knew it needed to create a central point for data flows, set up a single way of working, align software for its various teams, and make information easy to access for students and staff.

Comment Boomi est venu en aide

Recognizing it needed an integration solution, Saxion turned to Boomi and Boomi partner Enable U for a three-phase approach of implementing Boomi, teaching Saxion staff to build integrations, and preparing them for a future of independent development.

Saxion leveraged Boomi’s workflow visualizations to improve organizational processes, creating a single way of working across teams while unifying definitions and data streams. As a result, Saxion optimized operational efficiency for IT and integration teams, and could optimize student and staff user experiences (UX).

Résultats pour l’entreprise

In addition to process alignment, Boomi has helped Saxion:

  • Streamline the student app UX, giving students a single source of truth instead of using five different portals
  • Create the foundation for unified business management that eliminates the need for separate, unaligned systems
  • Improve control over data and the ease of information access throughout the organization

With a unified integration strategy, better control over data streams, and vastly improved UX capabilities, Saxion is well equipped to prepare students for a smarter world.