Fast-growing Diana E-commerce Corporation uses Boomi to orchestrate ecommerce inventory and fulfillment processes for its fashion industry clients, delivering a superior ecommerce experience and accelerating projects 4X.

Objectifs d’entreprise

Diana E-commerce Corporation, an Italian agency that builds and operates ecommerce websites for leading fashion brands, is growing rapidly. Ecommerce order volume has soared 400 percent in the last three years, while revenue is up 150 percent.

To sustain that growth, Diana wanted to streamline inventory, order fulfillment, website management and financial processes on behalf of a client base that includes Diadora, Sergio Rossi and Parajumpers. This would help improve the experience for both brand clients and their end-customers.

Défis technologiques

Integration became imperative for Diana in 2018. The company rolled out NetSuite OneWorld to handle order and inventory management, but needed to connect to the ecommerce platforms and ERP system powering its multiple international logistics models.

Diana began custom-coding integrations, but realized that would be too costly and time-consuming and would not provide the visibility needed to quickly identify and fix issues. Custom coding also wouldn’t readily extend to other initiatives, such as connecting with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) around the globe.

Comment Boomi est venu en aide

Boomi delivered the flexibility and scale that Diana needed to connect applications, automate workflows and modernize ecommerce operations for its clients.

For operations outside of Italy, Boomi connects NetSuite to Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Magento. It’s also connecting SAP Business One to ecommerce platforms for fulfillment from its Italy-based warehouse. And it’s moving NetSuite data into SAP for financial reconciliations.

And that’s just the beginning. Diana is actively planning additional ways it can use all the capabilities offered within the Boomi Enterprise Platform.

Résultats pour l’entreprise

Diana’s Boomi-powered environment has helped it improve client satisfaction through timely, accurate inventory listings on websites, and fast, accurate fulfillment to end-consumers around the world. With Boomi, Diana has been able to:

  • Cut manual IT work by up to 75 percent
  • Build integrations up to 4X faster than previous custom coding
  • Improve customer service and client satisfaction
  • Decrease back orders and returns
  • Gain agility to address growing operational complexity and meet client expectations