World’s leading pure-play coffee and tea company chooses Boomi for EDI and integration, scaling its business while cutting eCommerce transaction times to mere seconds.

Geschäftliche Ziele

To grow its business, JDE launched new eCommerce operations with unique branding in dozens of countries. To support those brands, the company wanted to:

  • Connect local websites to its central finance and logistics systems
  • Ensure it could process orders and shipments quickly and reliably
  • Streamline partner onboarding to facilitate growth and to help respond to supply chain disruptions
  • Deliver promotions and surveys to engage specific customer communities
  • Improve visibility across all its operations

Underlying all these goals is the need for fast, secure data connectivity.

Herausforderungen bei der Integration

JDE had been relying on a legacy EDI platform to connect to websites, logistics service providers (LSPs), and business applications such as SAP. But to achieve its growth goals, the company needed to build integrations even faster.

The company’s technical integration team also wanted a platform that would be easy to use and easy to manage for integration developers and enterprise architects — and that could support rapid changes to its supply partners and delivery partners in any region.

Wie Boomi geholfen hat

JDE adopted Boomi Managed Cloud Service (MCS), a hosted service providing the Boomi Enterprise Platform for integration and B2B/EDI services. Boomi’s low-code development environment enabled JDE integration developers to build new integrations faster than ever before, reducing costs and increasing agility.

JDE initially delivered EDI documents through batch processes, but realized Boomi partner Solace could help further accelerate these transactions. By integrating Boomi with the Solace PubSub+ Event Broker, JDE reduced delivery of thousands of documents to near real-time while scaling up its business dramatically.


Thanks to Boomi, the integration team at JDE has built integrations 40% faster than they could before. And the company can now onboard new business partners in just a few days, helping it respond quickly to market opportunities and supply chain disruptions.

Boomi Managed Cloud Services (MCS) saves JDE from any work in managing and configuring the Boomi Enterprise Platform and ensures the company can easily handle spikes in traffic, such as those associated with Black Friday and online sales events.