Australian superannuation fund deploys integration platform to underpin its digital strategy focused on driving further value for more than 860,000 members.

Objectifs d’entreprise

Australian superannuation fund HESTA ultimately wants to provide its members with the same levels of personalization, convenience, and other benefits as they get from consumer brands.

HESTA runs a hybrid environment featuring various in-house systems, as well as many bespoke and third party cloud-based services. Having formerly used traditional, on-premises integrations and manual processes, it went to market seeking a pragmatic and easy to use solution; one that would take complexity out of the organization, while providing richer functionality and keeping data secure.

Défis technologiques

Prior to implementing the Boomi Enterprise Platform, HESTA relied on point-to-point integration. Each time the super fund provider needed to integrate a new application, it had to initiate a new project with two partners to ensure data was synchronized accurately. This inhibited productivity and incurred additional costs.

Comment Boomi est venu en aide

HESTA initially used the Boomi Enterprise Platform to connect its insurance and member services platforms. The speed and simplicity of the project resulted in demand from stakeholders within the business who wanted the same data accessibility across all systems. The process of incorporating additional applications, including new third-party offerings, was accelerated due to the availability of Boomi APIs.

With the hub-and-spoke model powered by Boomi, each data source only needs to be integrated once, creating a more reliable environment while saving time and reducing project costs.

Résultats pour l’entreprise

HESTA is using the Boomi Enterprise Platform as the foundation for its digital strategy of securely using data and analytics to provide more personalized services to its members. With Boomi as its integration platform, HESTA has:

  • Eliminated 55 hours of manual handling per month, freeing staff to focus on high-value tasks, including direct engagement with members.
  • More easily developed connected ecosystems and explored new partnerships. For example, Boomi allowed HESTA to seamlessly integrate with its new insurer AIA, leading to an improved online experience that triggered a 73 percent increase in online insurance activities.