Natural Intelligence

Multi-vertical online comparison leader takes control of its data and processes more than 2 million transactions a day with Boomi

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Natural Intelligence, a global leader in multi-vertical online comparison marketplaces, is an Israel-based, data-driven company focused on empowering consumers to make informed decisions with confidence while helping brands to fuel their growth. Natural Intelligence’s matching technology enables consumers to make confident purchasing decisions while helping brands grow their business.

To make this possible, Natural Intelligence needed to expand its customer base and collaborate with a wider range of startups, companies, and academics.

Herausforderungen bei der Integration

Natural Intelligence’s main challenge was that users who visit and make a purchase through the company’s comparison sites complete the actual purchase in an external site — on partner brands’ websites.

In order to analyze site performance, Natural Intelligence had to connect to the brands’ systems and track revenues from there, then bring that data into its own data lake.

With a dynamic business model and APIs updated daily, Natural Intelligence needed to achieve speed and flexibility in order to keep evolving.

Wie Boomi geholfen hat

The low-code Boomi Enterprise Platform manages Natural Intelligence’s API funnel with the company’s partner brands. With Boomi, the company has gained visibility into the API flow as well as increased control.

Natural Intelligence has also learned best practices in terms of managing release versions. With Boomi, it has become capable of reacting with speed and stability, so it can better service its customers.

In addition, Boomi Flow has helped Natural Intelligence to build complex processes quickly and with flexibility.


Since working with Boomi, Natural Intelligence has realized significant benefits, including:

  • The ability to fix problems on demand, giving users more independence and freeing up time and resources to support business scalability
  • Heightened visibility into internal performance issues and the ability to respond more rapidly as they arise
  • Faster delivery of data to customers — what used to take weeks now takes hours
  • The stability needed to run 2+ million transactions per day